Monday, December 23, 2002

Insulin Reaches Web Staff

The anaerobic threshold is for those who whiff it.

Ashes to ashes, insulin to insulin.

Or tobacco to caffeine.


Friends forever on the germ tip.

I'm attracted but still aching.

Different qualities vein and branch out on the cranial chemical map.

This may explain how we lead completely normal lives rather than building and testing prototypes.

Gone grieving.

Every night he flies around the world like a hot fudge sundae.

Feet at 11.

Friday, December 20, 2002

The Funnel's Back, Hands On Angela Bassett

Stalin Falls the Rain.

Lightning makes a useful proxy for injured female birds.

Another plane!

The panic from just outside is jet streaks of higher wind.

My story has a bing-bong full of holes.

Buy Kiefer Sutherland at and save!

There are lots of moose calves now.

The mutilated word.

You watched the maps or studied the surfaces.

Now you need the kernels of my very own tank.

There's always Palestinian employees and their families.

Several burning buildings.

I try to think of the pain I never saw.

I have learned much in my life.

Mainly inflow dominated dorothy vortex signatures.

Trent Lott resigns - "the motherfucker!"

Generation shmeneration.

That wall of the updraft is back, formed under the photovoltaic dust of the mesocyclone.
Be The First Person To Voice Your Opinion On This Poem

This handbook is in touch with the equilibrium of your inner environment.

When people get about eight hours of sleep they'd be mad for some other reason.

Shake-Up At Skate Park.

Floors can provide good exercise and burn calories.

Sure it's high quality, it's insulin!

19 gum chewing patients were able to move their bowels earlier than non-gum chewing patients.

Curl up in bed and stay there through Friday.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Math Result Not Representable

It's that strict glaecaemic (glucose, self-care, the list goes on).

Avoid rooms with no exits.

The children did not look at the sky: it was forbidden.

Such people are advised to be confident and that the daily boredom of life will pay off in the long run.

Complete with a standardized quarterly report form.

to truncate the players.

All women are not Helen.

In the dialysis segment changing ballasts is somewhat more difficult.

People interested in prison reform and their eating habits.

The small birds draw large subtropic, language-turtle lessons.

Rachel Levitsky for president!

And leeward le boner, the one I gave senso.

Doomed to become mere words.

Everything in three languages: Cheddar, Biztech and Jigawa.

The cells which make insulin have been destroyed by the British-American Tobacco Industry.

Our eyes are usually bigger than our pessimistic attitudes.

All I have is a voice: "Who meeps the sponge of meager?"

Let the censorship begin!

The tops of trees are concluding lines.

Feather your anger and fear with Active Booster formulas.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Her Daughters Feedback His Problems

Started bringing her fresh flowers instead of sulfonylurea overdoses.

He talked about the promise that human embryonic stem cell

The love I feel for this is akin to insulinoma gender & war & Arafat.

Lactate green tube tops for growth hormone.

Cure diabetes on the radio.

Inject a million islet cells after celebrating Mass as Hitler's tanks and storm troopers sweep the grounds.

What would be good to see? Low turnout in Serbian poll or "Goldmember"?

If the universe has a goal, it is for each of us to imagine we know what "a free people" means.

Tough choices.

A headline with several words.

Estate Sports Travel Traffic Weather Wheels Shocker

This headline is shorter.

Milwaukee Suburb Shocker

Yogurt is a very interesting compound. If it worked.

Note horrid rise in iatrogenic hypoglycemia deaths.

Toll Free Beef.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Secreting pituitary tumors

I'm on the increased amino acid uptake and protein synthesis hypoadrenalism tip.

People with rare diseases can cause hands and feet to stick together.

Exterminate them like mice.

Sense intravascular osmotic pressure.

Let's stick together.

All I have is a voice.

It is a flower in a bony socket called the sella turcica.

Every other word of my new repetition.

Honey bees killed the fence.

Backstreet Boy apologizes and fiends of Hell rejoice.

Buildings grope the sky, having slept in wet meadows.

Wire pipelining by the hum of a warm afternoon.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

the haircuts of hockey men

The proper handling of cow manure.

I found a connection there, Nick and his mob buddy Lefty.

Existence is futile in Los Angeles.

White in the air, white in the trees, 4 hours of sex in the city and my popularity is gone.

No one cares, Larry.

Very small bites, fanning the fires.

There is a welling within me for fanny lifts.

I think, therefore I fuck.

Scary Farm.

A banjo of situps.

I'm trapped here.

I see being diabetic as being my own fucking fault for being fucking fat.

He would run home as soon as he woke up.

Homemade Bong.

Vegans Suck.

I know why I keep on getting hits from google, it's because I just sit around all day lusting for a portal of pork.

A flautist's mouth will stay like that for many days.

Hey California! Model your eyebrows!

First guess, best guess.

Fuck comes from the Middle English fucken, as in "das vas fucken goot!".

Spout random bad words.

Soviet canine cosmonaut.

Buy a Link. Now!

Spot a leopard thong and win a 'Rubber Duckie'.

Today I'm feeling a bit less cynical.

Date, date, date. Goose!

Anyone want to have a baby?

Straight outta Montreal.

"Lizzard With Hiccups" - Saddest Poem of 2000.

Kevin rhymes with heaven.

When I'm taking a shit I think that I need to concentrate more on my work.

It turns out rosemary isn't a shade plant after all.

Odor. Odor. Odor.

That supposes an enormous spatial search, a figment, a fissure, a rapt light that blows downwind.

Our world lies in a stupor, you fall to the dirt.

There the pink mallow grows.

Monday, December 09, 2002

No space to store the excess energy

24 feet of famine and we're feasting.

Talk on.

I was blunted, postprandial, under the curve of my severe claudication.

Dr. X steers us in the daily excess of that needed.

You have a runny nose, but maintain a high level of nutrition.

Little capillaries create a stream but I don't want to get into that.

Are you sensitive?

Do you smoke? Do you develop serious adverse drug reactions?

You see this all the time from my cubical at an international security think tank.

I'm a professor of English at the University of Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep.

There is nothing more to say, I'm sensitive.

And when I'm not sensitive, drug development companies attack via oxygen free radicals on the pancreas.

Or via sex-hormone binding globulin (I had to meet you).

A combination of edible oils from fungo-geek, cell function.

Print this page of ataxia-telangiectasia, it has fluids and insulin.

This time he listened, but it was like pulling a dandelion out by it's leaves.

Inhibitors guide our hands.

You keep pulling and you get a wash out of membrane.

Their arms feel heavy.

Asbestos alert: NO Need to Worry About Low Blood Pressure In Diabetic Rats.

The earth itself is an abominable aorta, an infusion of illegal air raids over Cambodia in 1969, a gush of blood.

What the film is this all about?

Negative I on the sofa.

Offset their losses with Santa Clauses.

Vacuum the unit ball.

How many 8's in 11?

How many at your dumb funeral feast?

Friday, December 06, 2002

They can't see why they are hated

Squibb Company.

Dalai Lama letter, found during a physical examination, is apparently a hoax.

My garden hose breeds endless generations of mid-sized Europeans.

News please.

I'm not alone in tying the drug war to a serious FLOOD OF DEATH.

However, tablets encompass the entire scope of antifungal agents.

Investor window.

Watching your brother on "Tales of the Highway Patrol."

That's mighty singing you're requesting.

The surveillance camera is the single best source of information regarding you and your health.

Old words, good words.

This is a stick up!

She has beauty, brains and a stalker for a metaglip.

Steroid usage in the latest stock information.

The looper of these pulses, its divisions or subsidiaries.

This is what Mother handed down to us - techno-poetry.
::[post] 11th hr Reality Smear::

Specific help for the following conditions: Addis Ababa, human bird deficiency, Canada.

That very bird, that very austere and transparent bird.

Let's use their insulin.

Syringes designed to remove surgical blades.

Play Dikembe.

Waste can cut down waste volume by as much as 90%.

Clobbering Scott.

Inserts surgically-altered retina just under the skin and into the abdomen.

Michael Palmer's Without Lancets.

Of Test Srips And Insulin

Let's keep drugs out of our water supply and remove biomedical shark waste.

Between the watch and the wrist.

Lucy at the assembly line.

I'm here to check for a reduced price.

Technique free operation.

When I was a boy I'd take the chicken off of the radiator.

When there's nothing else to do I watch memory wound you.

The carpet of Sally Skapinsky.

Ask the newscaster when "News For The Dead" is going to be on.

Thursday, December 05, 2002

letter to Bush

Though it isn't raining, an elderberry bush told him that it might.

Try listening: No WaR Park will be either talking on the telephone or typing.

White board on wall, garden on the Black Island Trail, we're all going to die.

Time is on.

That explains why my bowels went south on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.

First person, best person.

Chico is still sleeping, so is Harp.

Pick a poem, any poem.

Chico may be late.


We'll get things going again in 20 minutes.

Hangs up the telephone and says loudly, "If you're Australian, help your fucking self!"

But don't leave until those reports done.

15-year-old creatina looking for Rodefer and getting gray hair.

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Two Goofballs Grapple

I'm not alone in the war on drugs, I'm adhering to a small snail.

Always free cheese in a mousetrap.

They're eating sandwiches through our grandparents’ noses.

There is no actual place called hell. Worship THAT! (paper in hand)

My bedpost thinks I'm a dog.

You're the dog!

Drag them down to your level like a chess player, a frivolous and unseemly chess player.

An app can't truly be labeled killer until I'm face down on the keyboard.

Nobody can ever call me a son-of-a-bitch again.

A course in speed-waiting.

Barry Manilow is one cool motherfucker.

There once was a young man from Lyme/Who couldn't get his limericks to sound the same.

Pickle a squirrel today.

Scrub a surreal landscape.

Wisdom whispers, "Where are you?"

Order off the kids menu.

I yell at people in a thick Southern drawl.

Disneyland is all theory.

My girlfriend asks me if I woke up this morning.

Bill Gates's name adding up to 666 in ASCII.

A submarine can swim.

Don't yell at me!

Tuesday, December 03, 2002


Is this computer broken or what?

Too weak to wash.

Must love Missy Love.

The office of insane tassels is decorated with obese individuals who never rise early to scream.

It's hopes like these that degrade your self with empty hopes like these.

Copper Bowl. Soccer rope.

Fa of obstrufa.

'Yep, he's still dead'

A flag loses contact with reality and flies off.

Come build an empty house of the sarcasm.

We cannot die. Well, I have and in fact I'm going - boing! - going bebe.

Here's one part of the larger market: Greed.

Uh oh. Uh oh. Uh oh.

It's the University of California at Berkeley and White all over.

My first reaction on September 11th was, of course, shock and dismay. And then I had eyebrights.

Straight up.

When two irate-piloted comets wire pipelining, the NAK aperatures guide our hand.

We are never selfish. We are not bad people. We are happy monsters.

Look at the sky. Our shoes are making a sandwich.

I am the gentle autumn rain, lights of something, a force field of something else.

Where is the new class without hope?

Canopy of the swollen sky with sunspots -- there's nothing else to do.

You drank wine. We are putting on our shoes or making a sandwich.

I won’t have time to explain this to the world.

The valley sleeps, crushed in a universe cordoned off with ropes.

That bloccante of the salt rule, doomed to become mere words.

It would flatten my flat.

Christ turned his singular cheek, yet Dad waits for a psychopathic god.

A girl stepped onto the lawn to throw me the bird.

I am the diamond glint flying on shrapnel and bird's wings, having slept in wet meadows.

End of the world.

Friday, November 29, 2002


Not like that!

Develop a dance routine. A must if you're a starchy vegetable.

The nerves of diabetics often become swollen.

It's a guerdon SUGAR EZE jam sandwich pinned to a memorial wall that strikes the foot of nu gnu with total internal reflection.

And listed in the A-1-C - "Toast with crackers creates a visually stunning experience".

Bands wound around her toes.

I see you flashed your starches and sedentary lifestyle across the morning sun.

A glass to demonstrate how to exercise using a jump rope.

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Meditations in Time of Civil War

Good control of blood sugar in diabetes correlates with reality but then it flies off.

Hose left in the sun.

A shop window is decorated with obese individuals who rise early to scream "Turn out the lights!"

I will incorportate this into my practice.

A memory of flowers and a browsing similarity to coronary heart disease and silence.

Operation Flip the Bird.

You've seen the names and now you're trapped between a dagger and a wind chime.

I don’t know why I need your hand.

We knew that a common value system is "Man created us and Man destroyed us."

Death is but one--and comes but once.

The needle is inserted to draw blood, sorrow inserted to draw sorrow, like trying to sell products to the unseen.

I'm speaking out loud and I won’t have time to trim the rose hedges.

The notion of nation.

Why is it that we stray?

And why is it that the antennas of endekka fah I tay?

Look at you.

Crinkly address indicated. Keening rises.

First grief, best grief.

The sensual general onslaught, careless stories included.

Gene Bartow where are you?

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

thank you and more

Inhalable Insulin 2. Hypoglycemia 1.

Christopher Logue is hypoglycemia. Arielle Greenberg Is hypoglycemia.

Is hypoglycemia in all the hospitals? I checked all the hospitals and had to ask the dietitian.

I got the telephone number of her nearest relative who has diabetes.

It was Jackson Gastroenterology 2 -0022.

I said "Give your body small doses of galactose and laboratory tests.

"Hypoglycemia is brain damage that may be irreversible."

Digesting food passed on by an e-mail chat group talking interactively about Brussels sprouts.

Blood sugar pressure on fast. This condition occurs when blood sugar is on fast.

Monday, November 25, 2002

Ground Zero

Nerves go to the penis, nerves go to the penis.

NERVES   go   to   the   penis.

US offers to take care of my teeth and gums. I take care of my feet and intracranial pressure.

Doctor! Protect my kidneys!

Friday, November 22, 2002

Did the butler do it?

The enlightenment driven away.

Lucy at the assembly line.

Must eat more pastries that are soluble in pyrrole!

The naughties of quaranta direct extra-curricular activities and then cram them into a freezer.

Turn up the heat on juice and read a book together.

Tony Torn as Lucifer.

Example: Reimann of Gotterdang.

They watch the tops of our heads moving below on earth but they cannot move blood sugar into our cells.

Bodies either form stress levels or a much lower incidence of office-insane tassels.

Water Joe that is basically bottled water with caffeine added to help you advocate the consumption of caffeine.

Women exchange hugs and promises to keep in touch through their chat room.

Men exchange rollercoaster rides, lab rats and fatty acids.

Anyone here in withdrawal?

Counselor at the head of the room reminded me that I haven't moved for anything but 69.

The love for long blicking aperatures.

And no bars. NO BARS!

This is a throwback to the fuzz of no nose, the ancient error the dead have.

The house is shut and still - the rechaziamento of the possible fergerberger.

Truncate the array of players and wait, like parents, for us to close our eyes.

June's long days have Helen in their hearts.

A psychic invasion of the United States, spilled among the stones, clothes the city in unbefitting apparel.

My wall is loosening, honey-bees.

Thursday, November 21, 2002

Inaugurating the Law of New Nutshells

The news would pour out of various devices with each beat, with medications taken by mouth that carry the harmful form of molecules called ApoB.

Here are the first signs of problems to come: weight loss, weight gain, using drugs, speaking in forked tongue.

I'm one of the della.

Because poetry by its nature moves us inward, not outward, hostility is the behavior most strongly correlated with heart disease.

Because blood sugar level is regulated by insulin we are mopping up the floor with bypass surgery and angioplasty.

This guides our hand when we write "Truth, Justice And The Description Breakdown".

Don't degrade yourself with empty hopes like these.

Sell cigarettes to your kids.

Like a tree over an old man, disease pounces and screws your nose into the filth.

Silly, ironic, terrible, losec, generic (Generic, especially in people who told me not to be such a colorless thing).

Imperialism's face of serotonin: White to off-white.

Peach octagonal blisters.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002


Emily drink Missy and fruit-flavored candies.

If I can make a difference to one person Stephanie can.

The 26 Lisa is one person's outlook.

Juice is in the room so get your head back on straight and get this thing done.

Joe Rivera and extended exercise to make sure you wake up.

Oum Kalsoum explains: I got the new Biore moisturizer, I can control diabetes.

Kris Over, other cars.

Stephen It. A person with diabetes the earthing of must.

Sung Mile. More than 26 Miles.

Man created us and Man destroyed us with narrow drops of wine.

Eldred Wiechmann to our souls 37. Of fa of obstrufa. Out of the mirror they stare.

We must love one Nick Edwards, must love Missy Love. Behave, you cobject assumption!

Hayden Winn likes burning tongs, a tongue of flame.

I never saw John Erickson with a normal heart. A flag loses contact with reality and flies off.

Though too weak to wash, I love you Robert Blatnik.

What passes for flowers? Flowers.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002


I remember waking seeing my twin swimming so that their kidneys pumped information and insulin into the most helpful book ever written on food and water.

Physician N is director of exercise, Physician 3 tests and then waits for tests of the mutex Gm/dl 6 Order (someone has to do it).

Akpolat tarafýndan hazýrlanmýþtýr (Cat's normal litter can be replaced with special litter that will not absorb urine or even plastic wrap).

Send him/her home, to Your Site or Desktop.

Young victims Doctors hope diet. Young victims Doctors hope diet e-mail. Young victims Doctors hope diet email to the wind, a gesture.

Diverticulite F. Curve periodically. This is an ideal time for most brain cells.

Diabetic cats. Eat small bites of their food throughout the day because we love to use their energy. Insane tassels

Home is the amount of water it is drinking.

Canadiens spoil Wings' home opener. In more serious complications, a monoclonal spike in the beta region with beta-gamma bridging to ongoing lamivudine.

It takes 70 minutes of non-stop basketball to use up the calories from one Hostess cherry snack pie and 36 minutes of rigorous skating to burn off a Taco Bell beef taco. Or the Buddhist Book of Answers. Or the speed, angle and elevation of heart attacks.

But the dead see with the swimming movements of the fish. Near to you rear legs (called plantigrade posture) hover at dangerously low levels (called an insulinoma). A whole mindset needs to change.

Wholesale murder is a bad thing.

There you have it. Evaluating the antiviral activity and safety of Staten Island does not cure diabetes mellitus.

Nor does s&m..Neurosurgery...let alone the cat. God Himself grieves in anguish.

Heroes, you do not put anything into its mouth. Pam Brown Fingers.

I am not alone. I am not there. I do not sleep.


Langerhams are located in the pancreas. The excess blood on the strip.

If we can improve your experience, your troubled and exalted life, well, before it can be inserted, a metabolic syndrome of risk factors needs to give the gift of annealing disorder to the destiny.

Feathers fly up and pow apart from the bird they were.

Monday, November 18, 2002

    --one-way ticket to Saturn

Forward please, emptiness.

The sound of weeping emanates from the 500 MG BASE like medieval trumpet flowers.

I polish these at a day job

You will not find it here, but in despised poems.

It is difficult to get the news from poems.

And terrifying.

Just go where directions take you.

Pierre Joris is a girl stepped onto the lawn to catch a bird.

He is not permitted to eat at the East Square Medical Plaza.

Another plane!

I open the newspaper, my computer, my Potassium.

Respond to this story.

Be effective.

Get the last pickle out of the jar.

He went at me like he was trying to get the last pickle out of the jar.

Ravenous hunger and unquenchable thirst cooked down into glucose

and fired up into some raw energy, But.

I'm just waiting for the body’s cells to embrace it and fire up some raw energy.

Other elements were blue and rose and orange.

But in one very important way they’re the same.

And not without a lot of thought.

Measure about us. Choose a drastic measure.

And measure.

Friday, November 15, 2002


What are years?

I wish I had a chance, but I am collapsing to the floor.

Human daily dose on a body surface area basis.

In rats with doctors without treatments, the words have united in grief.

Metformin = reduction in total mortality.

Tim generic.

High blood sugar. And, yes, that was the only life I had.

Glucose count brings grumpiness into 10 states over the last two years.

They can't see why they are hated: one self sin teared question.

The law says that 'generic' sounds funny to them in misfortune, even in death - the action of anticoagulants.

Thursday, November 14, 2002


We knew that Bias + 10 = 10.2.

Liquid chromatographic determination of glibenclamide in human plasma and urine.

And the Taliban.

Consumption may interfere with blood-sugar control.

Tolbutamide in human serum.

Facial flushing.

Do not keep outdated medicine or medicine not outdated.

A weakest flower.

And urine by the column -- liquid chromatography.

Breast milk in small amounts as appetizer

And not one dose for this highly potent drug is 2.

I didn't witness the pain, as their families did -- prescribed, used.

Who can release them now with no food to avoid?

Bacon Wrap CDC.

Virus spreading beyond our touching or intention.

did you hear about

did you hear about

Did you hear about.


Shown in Figure 3.5 mg oral dose in crossover design.

A barricade of stone or of wood; to adjust the root of trousers.

As hard candy or fruit juice.

If you have any of these symptoms:

Home , Home ; Home ,

glyburide IS are quite stable in plasma

and in the no special storage school plasma

Dose as soon as possible.

Grows taller as he sings

Reduced to I -- I haven't forgot

Don’t leave me, this is so wrong, I still haven't met you.

An unusual angel of death

A good kick in the ass to get your head back on straight and get this thing done.

It sounds to me you need a good kick in the ass to get your head back on straight and get this thing done.

Clarification: you need a good kick in the ass to get your head back on straight and get this thing done.

You control it If you want to, then pump!

And bacteria from your face rubs off.

Aggravate it.

And it festers all day.


Gritting their teeth and bearing the thought

The players strike teeth

Rebecca puppet seven

They can't even turn around. Humans.

I love myself too my diabetes.

My self must be a very popular person.

Because rather than a preventive measure against osteoporosis I'm contaminated with pesticides.

It's yet another worrying behavior attitude

Only the human race is a bloody cyst asking for an orange in Idaho.

Allison likes the increased risk of heart-disease.

I heard on the tv that death rates with food for similar thinking and is strongly advocated for combat.

And a diet based on similar thinking is strongly advocated.

As are illnesses such as runny noses, stroke, and mental breakdowns.


Are You Getting Enough? Too Much?


Our nation is becoming more and more funky-smilie.

The BEST thing about diabetes is.... Medicine

-- Accutane Hell Girl reporting for this kind of city.