Thursday, March 27, 2003

Imperialism Is Seldom The Target of Libel

Stand up against the Israeli Punch Bowl.

The Magazine for Guys Like You

Macy's is the province of goyish older ladies only.

As are sweater sets (though once Joan Jett made eye contact with me).

Phil DeGrave in a euphoric dream.

The ever-looping phrase "Who the fuck is that?!"

The United Nations of Seth.

The panic just outside is my story, plane full of holes.

Through the soil and into the ground water.

Movie stars don't worry about being shallow.

Friday, March 21, 2003

Buttons On Osama's Chair

Taste S-Hog Lucky Charms.

I must say to you: Howard.

In top left corner is the number "K".

Cheney, he’s another scary guy.

The streets are cordoned off with Bush's failure to win the popular vote.

So if we attack Iraq.

So if we attack Iraq and kick out Saddam.

You mean. You mean. You mean. You mean claank?

Yes, in the top right corner under "Bush Body Count".

Youthful indiscretions cached as "youthful indiscretions".

Cheney vs. Bush -- They forget to use their brains.

I will be Bush's son for tickets to the swearing-in.

Smallpox, in top right corner, that must be cured.

Juliana Spahr really picked the songs that appeared on "The Kick Inside Of The Dreaming".

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Results Vary Similar

The war was right there, cheering on the crowd and carrying signs reading "NEW RINGTONES FOR YOUR MOBILE PHONE".

It's now overrun by wankers.

And it will kick your ass if you threaten them.

BART Cop Rants.

Bleached gull sky.

Colorless thing, EST.

Oil - Death To The Last Drop.

Don't take it seriously.

5 Natural Contours Vibrators (designed by Al Gore).

Math result not representable except as "Xenophobia Sucks".

Everything exists to annoy you until the year 2004.

Bush leaves America's students to do the mambo.


Trying to read unreadable language.

Politics is devoid of real arguments.

Powell has not a shroud of concrete evidence, Sly.

Eno envy.

The cheap labor available in Scotland is not just an eyewash.

Friday, March 14, 2003

all proving deceptive

Swing skeptics duty - Yuma, Yuma.

GREEN EGGS turned NBA stars into funky ABA players.

The media march to war.

Babies self-regulate, flying on shrapnel and love.

And this in a town cancelled for the following reasons: brown sugar and ham.

I'm struggling to be the s that something disowned.

I continue to nurse like a flashy Nike commercial.

Wait until 8.

The jury pool joins Columbia's S.

Redd Foxx gave her the biggest break when he recommended her for the Aunt Esther role.

And a giant pays the entire cost for her paternal grandmother's cornflakes.

I wonder if it hurts to live?

Today is the next day of the rest of my life, a PS to sleeping.

Former Flashdancer Jennifer Beals is a big yawn culled from alan's work.

Diabetes poses a doubt. Human rubble. A big-time tune-out.

Buildings as a fingertip for chorus girls.

Patriotic gore, the distribution of primes.

Sanford's Son: The Sanford Arms.