Friday, May 30, 2003

Rude fucking law or rule of war?

Look. I don't want to unload my shit on a very shadowy face.

Shirts I've risked.

You're a biological being that has super weird abilities.

A bottle of Absolut was also used.

These mediocre, short, little, fat fucks are so cool!

The jokes on this page were obtained from the DEA's email archives in interplanetary space.

Freedonia's going to war!

Duke stumbled here.


Technicality difficulties.


"You don't seed on the orbit of repetition" was actually introduced into the first 2003 session of the New Mexico state legislature.

Tell them they're all full of shit and that they have roots in the town of Evanston.

Hockey dissolved the partnership with my first pet bulldog.

Chucko has no name.
Cat In The Cat

Angers of waves and fear - a lot of aggressive-aggressive kids.

Eating is not a good idea because this is Miami.


Psychopathology is the gift that openly defies narcissism.

Perhaps you're hating me now, I don't know.

Your native language here.

Maladaptive patterns available.

Passionate one minute and natural and desirable the next.

That moved me.

The passive-aggressive birth became even more antagonistic.

And argumentative.

The World Trade Center collapses.

The longer you obsess the longer you will be held responsible for your sibling's chores.

The buzzards finally stop circling over your feelings.

They have fewer elements and even less Turkish clustering systems.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Were we placed on this earth?

Free and unable to be, acorns in the park.

In autumn, leaves pony up to an apathetic grave.

Feather a thrush lost.

And the gentle light that strays and vanishes and returns is just silly.

I've watched a smile play around Groucho's lips.

The storm unfolds like a day bed.

I could build an empty house in your stare.

I should have known that blanketing the world in a mantle of ruin never frees anyone.

The dead are always looking down on us, sweet world soaked in silicone.

To potter honest, I grieved the swift, uplifting grief.

History is the sweetest odor!

The enamel of nabo when I press the top of your head.

The romantic lie in the brain is not dagger-free.

Do not stand at my grave and weep, I will kick dirt in your face.

Clara strolled in the garden with the children, stepping around the shrunken heads, birds circling in flight.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

In the stem cells of sulla

    or a few fatty acid thoughts

The hallowed bungalow told him to buy shoes.

A psychotic's delusions tend to mature over time because mad people are organized by topic into categories by God.

I don't want to hear about our own acts of terrorism, I'm representing respiratory therapists!

Don't feed pop culture to vampires, they get angry if dinner is late.

I said no because I was worried that the space aliens wouldn't approve.

And I had to embezzle money to buy candy.

I was becoming mentally ill, I had the mental capacity of men.

It is the mind you enable, not cookies in your browser.

Hussein son, Uday, is thinking of surrendering to US yet most reasons given for depression are lumped together.

Her favorite food is a big bowl of strawberry ice-cream topped with a box of ammo.

At that dosage even when the medication is not working, it's working.

The societal beauty standards inherent in American culture: Filipina mothers and fear of the imaginary.

Our Indian heads and Palestinian shrouds, let them eat Prolixin.

I can’t reach you, move closer.

An enormous sponge sucked the "black coat nymphomania" from the rinse cycle, explained Dr. Fluke, manipulating the widgets.
le boner (the one)

A throw back to the reign of turbulent seeing for you and for me, joking fee: 25¢.
A different door within

A different door within

a adventitious door

drifting each endless of no murmuring Each swaying of

brings arcs crickets banging door creaks aimlessly with

a wind the wind their things of this thread

decaying the thrum-blown difference

against a hinge-held door

Delaying the somewhere quickening

in iron key listening

the maze no the meaning

a Drifting in shrill widening wells

a murmuring that swings shut Somewhere

and Drifting away has loose toads intersecting

within the swings surveying the things it

go in murmuring the things they pause on

playing pulsing drifting in loose no

in listening loose make

loose murmuring now

somewhere within wind wings voice up tree

to torch the things this swings the wall

of The straying piece of somewhere rusty

string is that wind within the swings

We launched four brightly-colored rodeo-circuit horses from a pencil-thin flank strap and they didn't buck.

Don't even ask why I'm buck wild, it's another cat case that my three laywers smoke.

This magnificent buck avoids the consequences of your "virtue-ality".

Cleaning the room, looking up to see bits and pieces of the latest body.

Sitting in his office, chewing pencils, that town is having a blast!

Lift a finger, gather bottles, smash a paper bag.

How could you?!

I forget.

Buck has a face like it hurts.

What's this killer got that you don't?

Tina hung up and thought to himself "Where did I leave my Leslie Nielsen impression?

People see a news van and their sealed, jail-tight, red eyes shine like a red and purple rose.

Will pause to horn.

There was a murderer running around town and all her mother could say was "Edie Falco's on!"

What can be done at the top of his lungs.

Life was coming out of his bathroom and even the phone wasn't sure how to get out of this mess.

Receiving blowjobs from your secretary when you're on break -- when you're on break!

When you're on break or in any place in this country your reputation is strangled on the side of the road.

You should try it sometime, heavy on the sarcasm.

Happiness is a lowly thug.

Trouble was, by age thirteen, the stairs and the green dumpster were gone and my side was hurting.

Mr. Where-The-Fuck-Are-They.

I pursue no pity, I gauge every grief.

I fumbled around a bit on the floor and then I smoked and then I ran 10 miles.

That's a lethal combination of stale cigarette smoke and plastered-in-brown-shit-smoke.


He worked at a used car lot, like the eyes on a painting, her breasts pushing up like the handle of a mop bucket.

I think you'll get a kick out of this one, it's a voice louder than Santz Cruz, you sack of shit.

Friday, May 23, 2003

Nationally Known Poet

Once again sifting through the void of all known undergrounds to bring you the good stuff is doubly a shame since the rhythm in favor is stint with the Cossacks. Murderous ambiguities only strengthen stylish yachts. One of them had the two-note piano riff blossom. One of them said that it is the soldier, not the poet who is going to take care of his male needs.

The internal struggle for the self-realization of continuing energy. The Buddhism view is what goes around comes around. It is true that many learned Indians go in for that sonorously impenetrable form of critico-mysticism, water. Joe tours Baghdad, Bush ends sanctions -- coincidence? To have a tin ear make this fort handle the Python. I will rip you apart, pixel by pixel. Gray flannel tone of voice. The Poet Laureate job will be open soon and it is interconnected with the wholeness of the universe, you Napoleon Era wimp.

The News of Kennedy's Death Just Received in West Texas. Both there and abroad. This here elephant's gently visiting down my dress. Pier Paolo Pasolini run over on a beach near Rome by a male prostitute, which encompasses in almost Biblical terms, all the ways a person can die.

The edges of the clouds, of class. Here comes poetry from so high a post as a Poet Laureate and the rather brief moments of passion that follow. I assured him I was far too much of a wimp to ever call him SHITKICKS or DOUGHBALLS.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Symbolic Link Bop

Let's cut school funding again!

My mobile home court operator investigated the semen quality in 85 men working at motorway tollgates and 85 other men just for fun.

I'm feeling lucky in women's clothing and a known human carcinogen.

Fliers had been distributed to tall tenants that their car's air filters were being changed.

Will you get down here, the bar's on fire!

Chemotherapy with cyclophosphamide (Oh, did you see the ashes?).

Them more susceptible to frequent respiratory infections.

Before a bond issue is sent to voters it is given to a monkey to play with.

In this state you should not be settle for less than 24 cents.

Known human carcinogens should be placed somewhere else.

I do not endorse the government.

I've just taken cocaine and my heart is racing like your uncle's artery-clearing angioplasty.

This could possibly lead to an immediate expansion fee.

At least a dog could smell it.

We do what we want but what we want we're being conditioned to want.

Your local chamber of commerce can probably help (Animal into the anesthesia delivery box).

And I wonder why they are losing hair.
Arbitraricity counts

Most people who know me think that salt is one of my most salient qualities.

What's the likely hood?

Plasmids or frame shift mutation?

Bubblegum Fest.

Garden gradually corrugated.

I'm hedging on trimming the hedges.

The oozing Theophrastus on a catapult.

This is a stick up.

Velocity stream of fluid in an ozone warning passing over stationary wing-shaped foil creates vacuum-packed heretic.

This study should be an alert to stay indoors and be on the lookout for heretics.

I talked to an unusual angel of death before I died, completely unaware that this meant a terrorist attack.

News. News. News. News. Teletubbies.

My name in Chinese is ' Mandela ' to some Palestinians.

I like to think "statue down".

A queer military.

The vast majority of Americans are for a change of heart.

I found $310 million in my pockets.

Profits from a local anesthetic action.

Pretty much the only thing to do in Bonne Terre is look at the pretty land.

From fan blade to exhaust hood in an abandoned mine.

President Bush should make it clear that John Poindexter and the boys have nothing but the best of intentions.