Friday, October 28, 2005

Max and Bobby Seale

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One day later, despite school, Kris was walking home with Cody. They were touching hands and cackling. The trees laughed at them as they passed by, moving branches to see the spectacle better. The boys clasped hands like reindeer and jumped in the air, falling to the pavement.

-I haven’t had so much fun since I urinated this morning -Kris was refunding the fun he had sold to Cody yesterday.

-Me too, except I was reading the encyclopedia this morning and trading on the stock market
-Cody said, pocketing the fun that Kris refunded into his long red robe.

-There’s like a zimbillion dentists in the encyclopedia. They’re right before dorks -Kris said-, but after television announcers. At least that’s the impression I get when I glance toward the Yellow Pages.

Cody hissed like Tim Roth in “Planet of the Apes”.

-¿Are you voting for Nader? ¿Is he running? ¿Or would you rather vote for ice cubes or puddles of water?

-Olive juice -Kris kept the refunds funning.

They cruised the calle. Just a couple of guys pissing on passing pie vendors. Another couple of guys wearing white uniforms were on the escalator, recounting their days as Contras when they would pin people down and plunk out their eyes like they were water buggers.

-Those Contras were nasty, little motherfuckers -Cody commented.

-They were teeming with nastiness -Kris sugared the truth.

-Speaking of nasty, little motherfuckers, ¿what are you going to do with Mr. Madero? -Cody asked.