Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Famous Dog Comes To Town

His Christian name was Pete.

Ticking off in the back of my head.

Pizza as an excuse to drink beer.

I'm going to have dinner @ 7.

That's right: Songs by Bobbi - Volume 1.

For you and me from Reuters.

It would flatten my flat.

It's las horas de sueƱo.

Not now.

Strawberry dynamic repositories.

The doctors tell me that I have already displayed a store of antioxidants.

You smile and say "Give flower to the manifold humor."

That I could not cry to you benefits your cobalt assumptions.

Come, build in the empty house of stare.

The gods have plucked bedsprings from your head.

Who can reach the deaf? It!

You carry me in your pocket, naked.

We shall recreate ‘normal’.

It wasn't what I thought.

Our bodies may encompass all mother birds in the world.

This is eternity. This is eternity.

No, this is eternity with its swimming movements of the dead, God himself in a burlap sack, and small snails on the rose hedges.

With what do we pay?

We love to talk and print.

Meatballs have taken up most of the blue tenera.

It was a dream. It was a dream.

No, this was a dream.

And we share with our people the luxury of seeing it all.

Like you, the rest of us obey the sting.

Like me, as a child I wore ironic pants of light.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

It's 8:23 in New York

Former Surgeon General Koop's resources

Is often accompanied by fever

And older sides of the forehead.

Elmer Fudd may be annoying

but the deli at the foot of listening

eliminates 'transient hunger' and

'Atlas headache'.

Sweating: a phase that the fairies limit.


Intense stabbing through the head.

Like understanding neurochemical reactions between Freud and Pfund.

What the heck does that have to do with real life?

It occurs at the moment of orgasm.

Hunger pains and the spine located in the back of the head.

U have the sensations.

They start at the bridge of your nose

and they use it as a magic potion,

as sulphur sensations.

Real life is full of reptiles and smells.

Kicks and addictions.

The fever and the severity of variety.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

The conjugato of il gorn

Nausea prevents eating.

Scientists prove Einstein's gravity theory is wrong.

Google recommends visiting a Wellington mother of two who was accused of shoplifting.

Diabetic pets can be very stressful.

Headache Hunger.

It means that you are not controlling your diabetes.

I advise counselling and medication for depression and panic attacks.

Or use PharmSearch.

Kann eine lebensbedrohliche?

Can I kneel-bend, kneel-bend, slide, slide, slide?

Three symptoms: drowsy, unconscious or very drowsy.

Grocery shopping prevents eating.

As by this stage you will be confused and will need help.

Consider making a formal complaint.

Fruit juice straight up.

Diabetes story was a cover for stealing.

Or for hitting fixes to right blocks of the goalie.

Fetch me some honey, honey.

And shadows, get me some shadows.

World of herbal remedies where she sits eating lollies.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

We like other people, it's how often we drink

Every man who wants to die wants to die at peace in his cell.

The body must be filtered out.

Low click here.

Prediabetics were given immunosuppressant drugs that I don't want.

The flautist's mouth will stay like that for many days.

I search for images of a specific size or type.

To those to whom evil is done we salute you.

I got hit like a hit like a hurricane to the ribs.

When I feel shaky I find myself quipping to friends: "Islet cells transplanted to prevent rejection!"

Drugs can't always prevent long-term implanting of huge function flags.

Tight is right.

Friday, January 03, 2003

Just Ice, Patriotic Gore

The aftershock was obliged to note the cause of death in the church records.

And here.

Blocking the airway not distorted by personal feelings.

Motherfuckin' landmines!

I'm not getting out of bed for anything, especially at bedtime.

A word on language: fontanelles.

Broken pipe.

Bad address.

Earlobe laxative.

Name a specific disease.

Now translate your martial arts training to the names of diseases used today.

Encourage evacuation.

The ninth page has eight pages.