Friday, January 30, 2004

SLA, you speak real

beige acorns like a midwestern

gunny bathed in butterfat fire.
Therein lies the urchin with the

Bobby Orr intestinal condominium
or the Donald DeFreeze apperception.
Hopelessly ill? Isn't

desire the agreed upon mixture

of Bill Walton and pessimism?
The target rues the nuptials, the

plantation ruins the
icosahedral embrace.
Merry Supper With The High Priests

in a brick brothel of behavioral calibrators

crisp with fateful, inert guano.
It's the wakeful papacy we've all been

aligning our baggage for,
staying astraddle the tabernacled,

aeronautic, beehive forest.
The high priests nest in the supine,

Philip Whalen position, their
daughters pallor a pinkish catheter

that forbears the glutamic starvation
the convalescent consider Homeric.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Sports Talk

mid wins you our and

carrying chance N.I.T. to and

coach here's I imagine fire

that's what I mean to back expect

advantages top so did that game

yes chant up we 5:30 in snow

curt players attempts this everywhere

matt for go no never

that that the white because

bow if call on

did hypocritical as as the inability

contact in representing

logo legendary aorta

years led game and has but

base for end long

will a is donation benched for U.C.L.A.

don't alphabet unbelievable

did not go state checking
Some acquaintance will

absolve you, dehydrate you,
set up an airstrip and Columbine you.

You'll soar over anvils and
atrophy as a sophisticated urbanite
whirls you through the whirlwind wake.

"Waterproof!" will be your dictum,
it will be emblazoned on your driveway
along with a cold, moist, diffusible bomb.

Your aspidistra will be wiretapped,
already they've bedbugged your
hermeneutic corsage.

Red stones will ooze Leninist handstands
from the redshank section,
the chiggers cringe at your syllogistic pizza.

Treacherous trouser counterproposals
credit vulnerable, onrushing mollycoddlers
who deign dick.

Your animism inertia
sticks to the crocodilian
like a Cassius Clay imitator.

You assemble baneful doodlings
that are dreamy, enlargeable
and multi-dolphin.

The current flows sex and
gives your gasoline a cogent
monocular ellipsoid feel.

Sinewy thunderbirds of war decompress
your catatonic assemblage identities
with armloads of iceberg lettuce.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Burlesque Repertory
    for Max

My thyroid is pinching my glassy, smug fish. We should bootleg it out of here.

Revenge is the dire anguish of seminal citizens clamorous for indigestion. Conspiracy theorists need not apply.

The ductwork is in Balinese, I can't consume it. It's blatant and it's seaweed and it's finite.

Disperse now before the doom uplifts you and plunks you down in this throaty, lifelike mannequin. Caesar made the salad.

Euphemisms are facts. Rhinoceros toes.

I'm in the catbird hearst. Jugoslavia spelled with a J.

It's called "clod", or "Halloween vertigo". Go wrangle a warranty outta Gorky.

The valet aks "Heartbeat or Boolean pajama pants?" You've got brains, yes you have.

My platform is to prohibit augmentation and the woebegone madcap. My hollow tie holds this suit together.

Donate atmosphere. Spastic kaleidoscope.

We're all connected by a capricious, shallow streak. Scratch it extensively.

Trust the casual not the punditry. Rush Limbaugh is a rat's ass.
But the conversation

has churned cacophony,
larking predicament's edge
and the bridegroom's registry.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

more of Gizmo and Olivia
OIL, then some sort of...

Transcend urine vegetable withdraw.
Psychology is behind.
Snail parody is ahead.
Demarcate that in your plank cant option.
Unknown master became

coffee cup chickweed,
bioactive clarity,
rockbound abstractor
expelling auctioneers,
excommunicating corpuscles,
cartridging polo ponies
and scattering katydids.

Monday, January 26, 2004


                      Max             and             Brennan

    Max free kick
That time you swore

that Ben Kingsley was a barnacle
whose epistemological picnics
were the nitrite to your
upholstered homesick period
I was ambushed by his hind hoofs.
Vile and sparsely

Find deficient aware suggestions
and annihilate them properly.

This is the speakeasy cynicism
that clouts my tack and
cockleshells my bloodstone embers.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Ivan was unable

to preoccupy Lenin except of course
when he threw a brick (blat!)
at that Noel Coward play ("Diabetes Tango").

That kind of pent-up cab framework
is elephant excrement in company hands
and pacemaker fodder in Aristotle's.
Onward Frozen Plant Peddler

Your narcotic chock is twigging

up the outlandish snack cycle

and the electric harvest woman is pasting

up Jay Mohr's topographic chop.

Can't you taste the delectable bibliophilic marble

leering near the dinnerware?

It's King Lear kissing Marsha Brady

as Rome is captured.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Ingrate Nazi Arthritis

Vendettas buy sentiment
with grandiloquent puckishness,
operating on acuity and chubby coils.

The Epoxy nightclub books acts
like an egregious balsamic bloodbath
(second fossil on the right).

Machiavelli said if you have an arsenal
you don't need a cornucopia,
you need a puddle to traverse.

A pelican cup drenched injurious
will have Interpol competing for your
bicarbonate of soda with a cranelike shimmy.

Your coworkers will be afoot,
your blowfish will set entire phonemes
on fire like sidelong furnace bantams.

The pictorials will blossom into
sermons so familial you won't
see the scowl on a terrier.

Or brandish a shotgun, or preoccupy
a courtroom with concentric earthmovers
(fried buckskin analeptic handshake).

Alluvial denial will deny the
decaffeinated ammunition moat,
impulsively grinding goblets into Syria.
HT, I had not abandoned

the windward ambulate tact that that
Ciceronian Adonis ear-diverted
into the flagpole jalopy that
Missouri left behind with the
Luftwaffe cocoa.
UKVDLHL, you needn't doubt

the crummy triangulum highway those simpleminded
grommets and scenesters masquerading as dentists
bit at us with unanimity, gunfire and an eerily vetching galt yow.
VVWWM, shouted: 'three! there' I mean 'therk!'

Those Neanderthal bastards had it right!

The Martian fragrance is like Augusta

cucumbers, complacent bunk that

no averring about waterproof astigmatism

or slothful abstinence will soothe.

The allegations dine on the twitch pad,

crocodilian chaff on the side,

bourbon-soaked eggheads

on the attentive downwind.

It beats being grilled.
FUN, hear the soft hypothalamus

Radiocarbon stairwell onslaught on our hats as
cashews burn the impasse to bartend the asinine
Border Collies that anchor our upholstery gander.
the whole floor

made the author

A piece of naughty waltzing contaminant
crammed with bittersweet kissing thorazine
Nonsensic Respite

Irritable summertime vortex stirrup
invokes somber MacArthur cutout
and wispy colts foot.

Max -- September 20, 2003

Thursday, January 22, 2004

and by the fifth time

Blenheim arose amid duels, ornaments,
and Quonset cardboard Republicans. Beboppers
urged cardboard, amorphous street jugglers
to acquit the SUV fill-up.
FU, tried a lilac &

the aurora alluvium and the Hammond Atrium addict
gam with grievous snubs decoded like a complete
stepchild jigging his bauxite over the spectral inter-moat
that actuates the foppish cigar that mollifies befogging.

Jo at the Sockers game -- January 10, 2004
The barman drew

cataract anatomy from the macro cattleman's creche

and Baptists, thoughtful biplanes, aquatic adequacies,

sherbet Hungarians, The Rifleman

and trees.
Together Living Is Bagging

Now and then,
well, basically near the monstrance hour,
and up and upon the celluloid over,
far from dieticians,
and near the playoffs,
I fall in love with anything related to
Takeshi Kitano.

I who, from Anywhere forward,
and from Somewhere behind,
assimilate into every sky I can think of,
but who it takes a real masonic to get near karaoke,
believe that to learn a lesson from an abbot
go near drunks and we'll see about who starts
ranting about lost glory, however or
beyond that, gives lectures on operating
a small fruit stand with onomatopoeia all around.

When around uproot return home and
sweep the floor.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Deferrable Cognacs

The arterial narcissist clinches his aspidistra panda puss
his halibut refusal to digress
his boyish collapsible wrath
his catlike cosmopolitan textile prop boulder
his bushwhack auditions that solve electroencephalographic presumptions
his "Guyana tardy, tomorrow the updraft porcelain bandstand"
his derelict confederacy flogging
his husbandry bloodshot brother
his hafnium avocado sandwich
and shouts with shuddery abate.
Apunno oka yan
  "Consoled H. Subcontinent"

For tips and giggles I butt in a twist
of events and rotate them on their axes
for 39 minutes. This makes it capable of
sending at 2 am and taking a jog
after they put the groceries away.
We need roads and we need to build
on our gasoline back to the city.
Completely Sang

Anyhow -- note to self -- my butchery delusion
has laid vault to the hypocritical foam flower recalcitrant
who broad loomed my torso and Metabolife stock.

I dwell on prescription garages,
Rooseveltian paddocks
and Georgetown octagons.

Birch is my pleasure, I shall not want
idiomatic plug boards and
bewhiskered boatmen on a jellyfish mission.

Nor do I want permutating Hebrew biopsy
astronomers gangling and malapropping,
construing the dendrite freehold I have on delusion.

TV Smith -- Corona, CA -- October 2003

I need nothing

nilpotent nomenclature
Smelling of Costly

Compelled denial is like a bedraggled,
Vladimir Lenin pastiche. It leaks cerulean,
anthrax skies and anther from the
cognac mantlepiece the window has
beaten into a squat cognac mantlepiece.
Malaprop Tattle

Chromosomes continually pincer
us between acetylene proverbs
and MacDonald's burlesque.

It's the doomsday pendulum that transfers
phosphorescence and collarbone candor
to gloomy smirky dialysis matinee twinges.

All theft aside, gluing parliamentarian usury
to the beaks of asphyxiated manikins is not
the airlock ruckus solitude polkas are made of.

Jo and Max -- January 2004

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

their loathsome screeching

courtier confessions twirl furry complexions
that chocolate bloodstreams sink
houseboats soaked in sauerkraut
between thyroid history and darkle doldrums

Mockernut tribesmen will cram degumming nebulae
down the honest, incomparable and hemolytic amongst you.

This species wrongly dots the contraptions (accordions) that
their ombudsperson (Bradley Venisononian) burlesques
down the bony rattles that imprint their heiress selves.

Upcoming adhesions include: dockyard book chameleoning,
whirling dervish ridge leitmotiving and
irritable bliss syndrome.

Derelict is just a euphemism for prosaic hooves,
while Pygmy neolithic is bum rush for confederate puck flogging.
and soft hippy monogamy.

Glory to pheromone transmittance and sudden pipe bog cabinetry,
both ladle out intemperate truancy like a beefsteak tomato
ladles out arterial narcissists

In a clinch is where the halibut refuse to digress.
In a cinch is what the cafeteria don't serve.
And in a brittle Slinky sack is the shuddery chivalrous shout.

Textiles withhold ecumenical warrant and geopolitical intendant,
their wrists accelerating to compute the pyrrhic posited
by the pursuant digestive avionic prop boulder.

Fringe husbandry is the bloodshot brother of osteopathy,
Vince Lombardi beclouded in rich, Corinthian leather
and lifelike catastrophic acidulousness.
my figurative

I'm a buxom, polymorphic convert to aphorism.

I've got a miracle stickleback in my fetlock.

And I'm resigned to the proximity of my dogs.

Biochemicals only effect me when I crunch on cinnamon buzzing bindles or Count Chokeberry persimmons.

I've been ambushed, embroiled and set on fire with my own mouthpiece.

My psychosis is a brigade that curves clearheadedly toward the transoceanic runoff.

Metamorphism jerks my roister moister and catcalls cuddly canaries.

When I decaffeinate I devour everything, even the awkward infinity I see in its seeable wake.

Pre-Cambrian passersby glisten off my larval armload.

And theism takes a back plane to my bakery.

Welcome to my hippodrome axle tissue.
ceased believing lower ago

Gremlin, freeboot, moonlight narcissism,
complete with palmetto gobbledygook geiger counter
and barbarian, intractable roundheads.
Arthritis Snub

Regional armpit closure
disrupts manly cramp lotion
and easily fleeing arthritis snub.
Dominick Carbuncle Kale

is a gloomy, wispy, carbide eclogue
who dreams of inviting bankrupt platypuses
to his Lambs Nail contaminant parlor
for that rare, dynamic, impermeable gnome gallonage
that has bewitched every cagey, servile, claustrophobic
pollutant since the onslaught of Edmund Agave Furlong.
His Teeth Still

Gloucester mobster's basket birthday bulb
urges us to ignore the brothel Congress
and choreograph aching heart totalitarianism
between iceberg onomatopoeia and cormorant oncology.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Herr Cash

Cyrillic decomposition and quizzical, scenic Russian cyclists
transfer ankle complainers to blend fleaworts where
European canyons drip crappy bodices crossway
to the homeopathic honey that purges the
Britney Spears corrugated bare rack attack.

We're fond of giraffe necks and Bostonian gravel pits
that congeal like strong arm suitcase necromancy.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Loud Brighten Awl

deters acid and digestive electress

chairladies from Omaha

who allow tomorrow's Tolstoy nucleus

absenteeism to commend and decontrol

the chink in Poland's impious ammonia

mesenteric septuagenarian slog.

The scenery is irreproachable.

We covet and scoff at and shoo,

reluctantly showing our chine.

We administrate plastic cheesecake

and oppose radial dilatory crockery.
The Performers Unceremoniously Began

You'll find that giddy Bruce Campbell exonerated

by scleroticly drenched vocals that interrupt

the Compton mattress silo cartel.

Moreover, paradise is lopsided

not serene or everlasting,

smoother as a footnote

than a busy adverb handyman project.
Detain Nonsensical Hackenberry Sportsman Tropics

Crucify perpetuity mold or

oral someone apart on the

mosaic balcony.

Scrawl "cranberry purpose"

on eavesdropper nostalgia's

ostensible eardrum and

zealot componentry.

Spare the synaptic indigestion and

bestow instinctual antiquated

jerking crocus jubilee and

scuttle spat algebra

on the opinionated.

Seat your arrogate breath

under the textron flax.

Depress secular vengeance

and lap the Miocene Epoch on my behemoth.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

It's Tennis Space Time!

Gadfly draftsperson with a mining-town habit,
desperate, abstaining from impenetrable,
prehistoric, retaliatory cobalt.

Decatur deems bacilli have colluded
with loquacity to moist, lesbian, jackknife dribble,
and decrypted a ceremonial, flaxseedic atmosphere.

This is tantamount to the Platonic typesetter
sensing your motor diffusion on a
platinum, roach-encrusted lathe.
It doesn't blew

Leftover boatman coat bashful

salesgirls with carbuncle cryptograms.

Agile, button misogynists

make elastic, jagging desserts.

Bossdom cutthroats concentrate

on demonic conversion,

reprimand the teeth that wiseacre workmen

create like exhaustible breath,

like gale wind force Blum.
Intimate Screwdriver

My dossier has barnacles.

My dog is silvery deadwood.

Voluntary curbside intoxicants

slam inmates before they strafe

the Avon dusky inflammation.
Snoopy Cinque Mtume

codify martyrdom as a

hyperbolic Victorian doubloon

passed out like a cancelled doll.
Bricklayer flees Alpen stock mach

I must confess
I find candle wicks humorous.
I take luxuriant soirees
and altruistic panoramic photos.
I intensively rub cladophora
on my malformed courage.
And my cyanide connection
is a robotic combustion
waiting to babysit.
Blob Lightweight Carnation

Torpid mouthful of furnace.

Catatonic Chevron oppresses machismo mien,

goo contaminate, earthworm sweater.

Polyhedron communicant plummets

to the invariable firefly dank

and bivouac stump incredulity.
An amazingly strange

Demagogue dowel scoops
butadiene synthetic rubber completion.

Dutch men flinch at the delegate's
infinitum cur restorative powers.

It's gigahertz gigacycle and trans-specific
to the arboreal depth accrued.

Berniece bloats circumcircle of Mabel's
biblical sketchbook urethra bicycle.
Unscrewed The Right

Diagnosticians dazzle influenza liquefaction,

touch salacious evil,

primitive anteater dramaturgy

and imponderable equatorial cartoon pandas.

This may seem mighty abysmal,

the buzzer-durango incomprehensible,

the lapse in buoyant Argentinean nuance

restraining the embraces and invites,

transit kerchief jinriksha airways

astride crabapple desires

and Amarillo earrings.

Homeowners whipple the limber saleslady

with false algorithms and Coney Island

laconicism, devilish mayhem, the

warm up scent, the psychopathic charts.

This chuff centrifuge prompts

monster celluloid, Ukrainian Metabolife

and sarsaparilla respirators

of a broad and gestalt fed class.
then he splashed

infrared chestnut formula
transfers simplistic koalas
who owe their
tailspin camel prostheses
to hansel layoff
gretal jesuit barcelona
furry paranoid infrastructure
Letters From Such

Collapsible Hibachi love
salad through busboy
mush it baseline
boast cavalier contrivance
pain crystallizes causation
natty Newark sorrow
off neck botulism
accentual roof shrug
vulnerable everywhere aquarium
twitchable strike break.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I Ax

Crucible hideout breadwinner conscripts rule smith.

Cleric baffles churchgoing Thelma paramecium.

Tearful arthritis choice deeds antagonistic bucolic corroded cobb.

Canna denotative toady coin weatherproof flabbergasts?

Anti-depressant kissing coattails consistent with congratulatory future.

Ashamed inch defrauds flick vaudeville caricature.

Haste headlight shaky, deductible thunderbird flam-flustered.

Anticipate rang, advice answer stopover.

Wince infantile interest, arraign windowpane constraints.

Airflow locus, childlike rummage, intelligent armpit.

Obscure Burma jot geese arching effortlessly through the eelgrass.

Clench spurious ghostlike monotony, brandish muskrat sulfur, dignify Brazilian firebreak.

Sorry, I mean enclose dangerous popcorn, boost neuroses.
erotic razor
resent blare
comeback crupper
wily stickleback
cadence base
Oedipal Ambivalent

My self a puzzle begging cabinetmakers
to turn the bakelite off.

My titan drawl codifying the brouhaha
for catastrophic bug drip that
corkscrews down the mountainside.

My lumpy Berber is betwixt the birdie
and the claimant carp
creating a consternation that my diabolic
bedrimming bore ballad couldn't blister.

My longtime rawhide codfish classifying liberal dolphins
into a xenophobic fission.

My lubricous dart mouth Teamster trademark explains
the saucy yardstick I use to measure my
extensive deerstalker tinsel aversion.

My boom besetting kinetic combatant bagatelles
and my token orgiastic homesick entomologies
died somewhere as the alimony utimatum
and lemonade birdbath made earnest surrealism illegal.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

damn them all!

bathtub clear ant triangulate
morphs into newspaper garble nightshirt
obsesses like a cornfield revival
bombards the farfetched like an adolescent polyhedra
like a novel declaratory whatever

and the clattery helmet is parthenonian
as it ad embarks on an anarchic razor flux

presume the swagger is out
and the simmer tipsy
presume your muscle response is a paunchy
superficial combatant on a neat dactyl bender
over some copernicus canvas buckeye
who is more silky changeover than precipitous autocrat

you could presume this
and you would be making the same sonorous creekside advance
that riffled the graceful frock from its polypropylene raffle blend

the checkpoint here is the petite facial palindrome
that desicates heckle jeckle and episodic sucrose
the maggoty runoff rhyming with both
the tarpaulin linotype and the capacity
to vary the herb and the goldwater in an apostolic ferocity
alone, one could

Dump your impolite earphones.
Yeah, and your sulfanilamide compressor.
Pocket the muskellunge clap and
order Pandora to ballad the dichondra.
Thereby cremating utility pun expectorant.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Borrow A Number

Crescendoed arm bramble wakes Hercules abstention gander,

irradiates debt and emulates ribald marital cornucopia.

Unilateral tenderloin messenger depletes Bladdernut, Oklahoma,

voice taxis centrifuge and abdicates earthshaking finale to a

massive emulsion coworker, begetting guidance a lumpish weasel

wouldn't kiss.

You may chuckle, contributing embraceable caterpillar incomprehension,

desolate cute neuroanatomy and boorish weather beaten cheesecake,

but that would be eavesdropping.

The mickey moon workforce safeguards against duopolist workstations,

doesn't it? The daffodil pap alone being tactile enough to license

foodstuff handshakes, cutaneous bureaucracy clamps

and the Gertrude Stein Sanatorium Festival.

Show me a chummy corporeal egotist

and I'll show you a shoreline inhabitant who even John Stockton

wouldn't pass to. It's just some dense, meek, infinitesimal

party extoller trying to transcend the Hertz "Scarlet Resort Analogy"

and making an "ass" out of "you" and "dogma".

Just watch the canary's buzzing barracuda act

as the whirlpool stopwatch shakes down model

Dan Patrick and replaces him with his Weimaraner.
with an enigmatic midsection

gelatin decrease
boutique clinging
to brighton birthright
dirty alterations

cancel the vat of demigogic calm
here's one more

a penultimate culprit attacks
antebellum effaceable alamo cab

lubbock makes makeshift choir
conduct jesus arctic disturbance shocker
aristocratic bites

cityscape aristocrat bites
wise venom paranoid count

the town has covered up
the consequential buddhism
pennyroyal calcium and
fraternal sycophantic kin urgency

Friday, January 09, 2004

wanted to perform

Arrogant tenure and amorous doctor battle.

Deferred globular correspondent runs sediment thief voodoo.

Confucius snares townsmen Sisyphus romanced noisily.
Kale, Lug, Nut

Now what dreamlike satyr drives me acorn
is that that turtleneck lagoon has this shampoo
sense of zucchini vs. bulldozers as an
unambiguous cur of absorption and handball.
In our Rumford tavern, with the sole exception of
catcall dopes, absorption and handball are
gimmicky futile, gluing, closet, assorted. But then,
I guess absorption and handball, or at least a
decidedly beneficial absorption and handball, to
consider the bottommost, is like pouring the
human race into "spaghetti" which is like the Bush
Administration pouring a fricative adrenaline
argonaut automaton deceit into Woody
Woodpecker's leopard tortoise hacksaw.
NP, there great heaps

They are great heaps of capsized wool,
inexperienced cowbell burglaries
and inoculated adult tangents.

They are lava born penetrants
somersault freaks disqualified
by Judge John Drake.

They cheer the homebound,
the casual salesgirl,
the coke-binging bailiff barbecue.

They cheer the comedian coastal doghouse,
the constituents' sanitary ankle rings,
the Oceania coffin card infirmary.

They pry prodigious pocketfuls from mathematic dairyman,
absent compliments from volcanic coinage,
Amtrak tailgate parties from pimp erosion.

They pry trachea spit wads from oratoric, unchristian concision,
cyclic moral coats from blood root prima waddles,
pepper grass from code word tibia.

They impart prissy ingenious ligaments,
Einsteinian infrared ogres,
silty astigmatic credulity.

They impart Hitchcock continent rap,
arbitrary cockeye cpu cordials,
prescriptive fettle insomnia arcanery.
CEWFAWY, when I remember

Cue Fawny when I remember where Waldo
bit the ambidextrous health care doldrums.

The macrostructure is no doubtful
the tidbit forte (insert mule).

The bullfrog brewer bleats email pastures
so ladley swinging.
UB, don't blab about

Don't you be vetoing, don't blab about
the decomposition, the sundial, the mask.

Pull that interviewee, liven up the frugal rigging,
the anonymous spastic pornography.

Sustenance is bestowed by the nasal
cavity car totem attendant.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Free Cable& TV part 35

aristotelean chromosphere colombo
catholicism euphemism californium

dominick chipmunk diabolic
juliet threat discrepant

massachusetts orchestrate exhaustion
california cornucopia bong

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Voltaire Ballerina Appears Ambivalent

Inexorable carob, crotchety, punctures the way
eastbound at bedtime,
splaying teeth, invading the Wilsonian taint.

Spellbound, bloggy, you depict a
belt-buckle Bohemian Thurston Howell the third
by translating it as cybernetic gasket exfoliant.

The jolt is like a conspiratorial translation broken
into catchwords and weapons a pig wouldn't use:
twigs, oxidants, marginal neuroses, disembowelment.

The stress has grown tiresome as has the
constant chlorinating peace of insecticide and
discretion is the deadliest form of velour.

Use the vernacular or the syrup.
Shut out the vengeful ignoramus
who hides in his hood and caviness.

Divulge the bandage and cluster the anorexic bathmat,
rehearsal is insecticide washbowl excretion.
Caesar has dung at the bequest of our selves and Axl Rose.

Careful, the deadline conspires like a
mensuration towel thrown at the multi-pliable, bookish
clot conundrum conspiracy

The gluey toad is impalpable, remediable, circumspect.
The deer in the headlights prances on your finger, serving
indissoluble conservatism thirsty like ambivalently hot magma.

Forfeit snort, char affectation.
The contextual volatility crusade
ripens and wanders battlefront in Pomona.

Clockwork wipe snipe, casebook cochineal crawl -
conserve neutrons thereof.
Nominal justice means just that: bleat dreamy knots.
More New Secrets!

The armoire asteroid burnt the shoehorn doghouse.
The implementers swung and countersunk a cyclone.
The sense blurred like a warhead chirping "Budapest debt!"

A kind cottonmouth fell into the blank salt bush stair dribble.
Precautionary finger-pointing blamed a vitriolic, gallivanting duplicate.
The eggplant diversion bewailed beans and the Bronx sternum.

The meteoric streamlined catharsis vein made decisions like mink.
The demand synapse nihilist bulls eye embraced the chutney.
Sufficient jam confounds flat Celtic altruism that

Dispels signs likened to the burnt-out singing of barracudas.
The tech curse will front the barracudas like a Reverend Ike dilettante
diffusing that last bastion of tincture, asparagus.

Legal gibbets in a Leone andromeda bugle ornate swans,
Clothed cavemen and glamorous sunflowers
With hardwood aplomb and awesome Volkswagen wit.

Glorious manly exercise oozes incandescent effluvium gender chase.
Watch me shoulder this spoonful of approval
As I needle imperialism into an engineer developed quite differently.

Frolic hysterical hustler!

Expelling smoke-begotten candy tags.
Drawing r-u-b on top of psychoanalyses.
Upholstering, not skating the rhumba.

Frolic hysterical hustler!

Kick your backpack in the
sad and beautiful world!
Free Cable& TV part 34

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Free Cable& TV part 33

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Hell Garden

Hell Garden
says the pen in my hand.

How do you say
        Don't look
without looking?

How do you crave
        The nasty side
when you're sober & caring?

How do you devise
        A plan
and then get a tatoo?

I don't semi-hate
or equestrians.

I don't suck suspense
        From its firm,
glistening teeth.

I don't come into your
and condescend
them like Advil into cement.

I'm a sober & pale
or pale, old house.

& none of my sentences
rain like windows.

I come out of a gust
of detox & nachos
not out of intestines
& tentacles.

I will hold you for hours
& you
will not get in.

& I will think
of performing surgery
& going mad trying to bowl.

I'm sentimental or your corpse.
I'm sober of mu

&/or battering the world
without a pulse.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Free Cable& TV part 32

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Monday, January 05, 2004

ACH, some hose sticking

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Free Cable& TV part 31

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Free Cable& TV part 30

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