Thursday, June 30, 2005

I Saw Two Good Houses Over There NEXT TO Death

Chapter 4

-¡Put those pies in order by entrails!- Mom ordained. No one was looking to suck up to her, she'd make a pistolero go limp. Her voice tumbled down like Euripides tiptoeing nude through a Miss Vicki salad.

I opened the door. The house smelled like a pitcher of Fresca. My eyes had stopped working when I put them up my sleeve. I was hot, much hotter than any fire.

-The light in the kitchen was just a fire.- Dad said. -I'll call a performance artist to put it out.-

¿Was he serious or had my eyes been disconnected from my electrons?

-¿Why don't you call a saber-tooth tiger?- Mom said in response.


Monday, June 06, 2005

Jesse reading Chapter 4

I Saw Two Good Houses Over There NEXT To Death
by Don Cheney - a multimedia project by Max Cheney