Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Free Cable& TV part 29

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camel leopard destruct oilcans
gyp die feathery
incontrovertible squeegee shah
Free Cable& TV part 28

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forsook armload jargon bong breech
chlorate columbia decca execrate
intrude orthogonal epstein begging
Free Cable& TV part 27

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mini crib westchester
Free Cable& TV part 26

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farina ingather ratify
Free Cable& TV part 25

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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Free Cable& TV part 24

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Free Cable& TV part 23

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Free Cable& TV part 22

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Monday, December 29, 2003

Free Cable& TV part 21

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Free Cable& TV part 20

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Free Cable& TV part 19

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Free Cable& TV part 18

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Free Cable& TV part 17

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Saturday, December 27, 2003

Free Cable& TV part 16

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Free Cable& TV part 15

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tommy attach ambrosial

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Free Cable& TV part 14

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Free Cable& TV part 13

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Free Cable& TV part 12

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Free Cable& TV part 11

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Free Cable& TV part 10

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Free Cable& TV part 9

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Free Cable& TV part 8

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Free Cable& TV part 7

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Free Cable& TV part 6

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Free Cable& TV part 5

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Free Cable& TV part 4

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Free Cable& TV part 3

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Free Cable& TV part 2

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Free Cable& TV

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Friday, December 19, 2003

Closet World Curtain

This is what you wish you are, right?

I who issues orders and they who receive them?

There's no racquetball generation.

If I have the idea of crap, the crap itself is all fine, good and

swears like a prehistoric monster Roberto Benigni.

Everything I have is cold

and everything that you have

is given to you.


Grasp the candle,

make the tunnel a television.

Thursday, December 18, 2003


mildew wins you and the our you're carrying

is what I imagine fires is. what i mean

by imagine is that to put back advantages

pull the pop-top on the exorcist.

so, did that game count yes or

did that game count no?

we're 5:30 in snow

contacting the inability to represent.
attack house fire

Snap nuclear checks

    to high, all-new massacre piano.

Set trap to painted,

            sister getting own drug plasma.

                        o Boston!

  not dope on a rope,

       new spacecraft are

            fa-fa-fa-la-la-la blahs.

    My kidney has been transplanted and

            your pen is dangling...

                          it's Flutie!

  Get blem tourists out of

                        Jose Padilla?

            C with a dirty B

                only able to deal. does not end in a new browser.

    premium content blushes

Tuesday, December 16, 2003


Writing is fifty! Yay!

So I propose that I'm immune to writing.

I'm thin, I've been to college -- or through it.

I've written pages and pages of shunt,

lengthwise, forwardwise, hazardwise and

the columns seem to tear at random,

the text reconstituting itself.

Use any aroused message. Or recorded message.

Suppose I use the phrase "ooing out as

I'm supposed to stink"? What happens?

I poliberate words and words are

supp meant to sing aroused to think?

I think not.

I can't wait until I'm fitty,

the complex chaos of

children scrubbing our national heritage.

The lives I've collected like the Zodiac

collected slaves for his afterlife.

The moment I dress and sleep.

Or a pistol-whipping just past the guilt,

a cork from Chris Tyndall sprouting

below the earth like a really strange

and dense human laugh overlapping

the brain. It's dangerous, it hinges

on making me move from preaching

to the choir to preaching to

a phantom.

I have to mail this now, not screw

your nose into it. What the bird said

was the world seems live an everlasting

bile of lamps walking along my eyelids

and starting to dance. We stick together

across the clobbering childish reflections

forging slowly a swimming compassion

while I drink to this picture.

This is crink!

My vision of the future

is pup nearer rumors of a crash,

my entourage a large french fry

and an unyielding surf.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Only One Half of the Door Is Amazing

The other half is a series of transformations

from Don Cheney to Sylvia Plath to

Canopy Swollen Sky.

Follow this unusual path,

it's in USA Today with sunspots

and leads to a door.

Do that again.

What the hell is being constructed

from a lampshade as we look out

over a broadband internet connection

to a Apollinaire riff

coming in over the water?

It's the choice also known as the end of the twelfth line.

I offer it as one of your fists,

the one that's fast enough

to convince whatever judge

and unusual mail that suddenly comes

up against the word that

means bitter in German.

The door can open a fireball

and erupt under your tongue.
the dice don't walk people like you

strolling resentment

taking diverse then clinging ways

lifting the means, shouting the outside

truncating the sharks

take me by the hand and say "there"

walk me along the edge of laughter

laugh at me

"I'm inside the target"

close the dark

"it's a little bit white"

change goes away

all of the errors and errors is gone

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Let go!


Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Just for dad

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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Jackson Mac Low always used procedures
    for Ron Silliman

By the time I got to bed at 11 last night

(which is to say, yesterday)

we're both as nervous as cats

(or worse).

Terrified by form, the glossy white

of my nose is naughty.

It's patterned poetics in the guise of

what exists in your mind.
The Enigmas

From sea to dingy sea

Dingy in the sense that getting old is dingy

In the sense that a big turd is dingy

Or looking for your raincoat in the desert

Is dingy

Dingy isn't a savior or a memory

Dingy is not repeating the word "salvation"

Over and over in your hand

I have a hand

and I have some salve

I want to draw its shape,

the worked on problem of Cowfrogs

on an otherwise perfect day.

Lives. Our lives. Our lives.

Our lives's lives.

Our lives live.

And in this imprisonment

in his imprisonment

the link has been severed.

And in this imprisonment

in his imprisonment

you cannot see New Jersey.

From here we cannot see New Jersey.

From here we can see New York.

Jersey. Here we can see New Jersey.

Jersey. See, it's New Jersey

or an Easter-size gland

or an Easter-size vat of wine.

Drops of wine have delivered themselves

to the destruction of greeny flowers.

Their enemies have delivered themselves to

greeny flowers.

Uh oh. Uh oh. uh oh.

Uh oh here,

uh oh there.

The music must always play.

The music must always play.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Balling G. Aneurysm

Owed back child support?

We can help.

Don't stop your life for a breakdown,

use whatever you prefer.

I don't know why I bother working anymore,

someone wants to date me and

eBay's hiring!

Start a family trend.

Be forever young!

Your name came up a winner.

Warning... This book is dangerous!

Don't let your wife know how much money you own!
QF, and suddenly asked

Maybe this is the end of your problems.

Holy shit!

You're right!

I can now reach for the ceiling without side effects.

If I could kiss you until you're blowing...

and my blindfold account hadn't been terminated,

I'd see for myself what rich people do in their homes!

The hottest video action

makes you feel gold.

Me, I let the pill do the work for you while we all sit back and
look at...


Been a long time.

Are you fully happy with your...


NO selling and NO convincing on our part.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

An accordian that exists in your mind is another accordion

In the moment is in that exact spot where you can't find.
Not A

Stop for a second.
Okay, go.
Now transcribe the space
between the already gone
and the street
or avenue or park.

Soup is as fresh as the air is internal.
That, my friends, is human and new.
Notice the color limping
and sounding different than
any tornado you've ever won.
And that's not just perfect,
that's hermeneutic.

So listen to the back of your name
as it's pronounced.

My name is Spacio de Luz.
It means "Two dogs are having
simultaneous bowel movements
in France"

And the form it takes is success.
Later, a run

Test ride in the CIA, naive until you explain
that those are babies and these are cucumbers
and - the hell of it is - they don't hold color.
They're alone and you're alert and talking about gossip.

Red means "Caution - Flowers Crossing".
Pale blue means "Talk Only At Night And From The Jugular".
Frost means "The Moon Made A Raw Deal - No Money".
Singing means "A Long Dry Road Old Man".

Take the door and shut it on your way hat.
Jump the door on your way Dad.
Come on, jackass, you're not as kill as some
and there are no teams and no green
and no suspects laying around without names.
There's briskets and hiccups, pick your palimony.
Elk Elk!

State and no State.
Marching vultures.
Nose, Nose.

Ink ear is to Ink ear
and I am on guard
sinking quicker
than my nose is
naughty and then


(The train has not left the station)

I'm fond of your extraneous eyes
& your back-ass-ward melancholy,
modeled as it is after Leonardo daVinci.
When the sunrise is splendid
& the sunlight gargantuan,
I know of only 2 other guys more absurd,
& that's because they're always
intercepting the kisses
meant for my hands and large mandibles.
Because the sun sets on their merry asses.
Like today, I get up and face the insolence
that I inevitably compartmentalize
& the vile contradiction alone
& the natural wretchedness...
Is this what you look for in people?

Your people tend not to be my people
sitting in their tan undies,
tan parasites and tan equality.
My bruises are not your bruises.
I come to the party of life in mid-movement,
where great chunks of life
are not my great chunks of life.
& your silence that I compartmentalize
& your voice that I compartmentalize
as I ride my instant miasma
& instant Myata into a sort of
instant Miami.
Is that what you look for in people?

Friday, November 14, 2003

Riding Mr. Fanelli
    for Charles Bernstein

Look at this photo.
It's in a station
on a street. 1979. You could say
that it's interesting in
the way that
Pudge Rodriguez standing over
a stack of pancakes is
interesting. Mr. Fanelli,
there's a mountain and
a comb and they're walking
down a street. 1979. And what happens
is so disagreeable that despite
the tiny cries
of a million tiny people
one still cannot see the hand
cream or the kielbasa
that moves parallel to
what is permitted and
adjacent to what is intended and
loping along to what
feels like a cry for help,
untransmitted. Mr.
Fanelli - there's a
gentle mountain lying dormant
in the station, in the street. It's 1979.
And my point is trite,
but think about it. I don't have
a sandwich and I don't know
where it is. Mr.
Fanelli, do you think that
you could take your finger from the trigger
and we'd both feel more comfortable because
as they say, subtlety is the
rudest form of vanity, especially
today with all these express trains
passing rudely by the streets
every fucking minute, when the
trains actually do run on time?
You've got to admit, Mr. Fanelli, that
thinking about a station, about a street,
about 1979 is the most imbecilic state
you could be in tonight
or even in the day.

    (work in progress)
High School Pickle Kids
    for Tim

Young one, you've landed here
and I'd bet you don't know what the
Automatic Data Processing RTS
you're doing here.
Well, I've checked and
even if I can't see it
you must realize that Punk was not only noise.
Punk was not only "God Shave The Queen."
Punk was what happened when
one does not get original photographs to hear.
Could punk have also meant trousers?
We're talking Punk Besmirchers,
not just any punky, pre-pubescent, unbarbered,
bored band of rodents.
Punk represents skirt volume,
but you at least must grant this to the trousers,
the volume-dead trousers:
Anyone who stretches the elbow of 1977
on over into the 80's slashifies the light
and exfoliates the spall of thunder.

Friday, October 31, 2003


The sun is high.
Take a look.
But there's nothing higher
than the lisp you lend or weld.
Yes, I said "weld."
Actually, I meant "allergize" or "tea" or "me."
Take a look.

You'll see the sun swaying in the sky.
And I can see by your outfit, your
talons and your marching orders
that you are a hand-puppet.
Yes, I said "cowboy."
And, puppet that you are,
you've taken every penny
you've ever lived with
and called "heads" one
too many times.

Your life is segmented.
Take a look.

Look with your eyes open, not your teeth out.
And use your hands,
they're as palpable as that gust of probability
that laid you flat until your tallow exploded
and your entrails holed up.

Somewhere in the afternoon,
lit up like a log jam
on a coffee break,
there's quiet.
And what's more, I won't be quiet
and I won't make sense.
What I will do is bark incessantly.
Your nose knows this
and so does your bottle
of face-tightener.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Tell Them: Mice

In the aftermath of the window,

chilled by the persecution of the wind,

closed-in on by a God who's lost everything and forgotten all,

tightly-occupied by one of those control lab rats,

crumpled by smiles unseen,

clobbered by the Biblical,

betweened by a tweener,

trapped between the terrifying and the just plain empty,

blinded from death by air traffic controllers,

staggered by brutal and infinite messages,

despised by Hunger's foot,

cordoned off with difficult news,

passed over by withered passers-by,

beaten up by Mark Twain,

choke-holded by innocence,

discerned to be in the dell,

truncated by soccer players,

warmed-over by hamming-it-up,

trounced on by a busted heart,

flourished by a last ounce of flourish,

done in by the Dalai Lama,

diked by draconian architecture,

troubled and exalted by multi-hop attempts,

sub-humanned by robotic scum,

modeled by eyebrows,

ruined by driving 55,

torn by negation and Tender Vittles,

mouthed by the only seahorse in captivity,

towned by a country mouse,

blasted by CIA pre-war intelligence on Iraq,

slaughtered by the blue-eyed universe,

crushed by a half-ounce of surrealism,

mediated by chasm horror hideouts,

reflected and bounced by rental agreements,

dethroned by the gentle, aluminum rain,

bred by Heaven's Gate hooligans,

imprisoned by internal reflection,

renewed by ropes bearing ash and debris,

destroyed by heroic statues,

envied by how pure a thing whining is,

produced by rages of fog and rodent's teeth,

trifled with by swarms of spleens,

prepared like a picture of a plea,

pained by a slain happy face,

reduced to polishing couches,

repeated by polishing couches,

reamed by maze-ish girls,

burned by paper critics,

wakened by the white in the air,

generated by a woman who has left you,

desired by men in their graves,

killed by the fence and a mile of misfortune,

submerged by the assumption of fragrance,

glanced at by the completely detached,

assumed to be an elastic automaton,

retarded by broken glass pipe cleaners,

remembered as a Papa Smurf wannabe,

plucked from a vast sleep,

fabled to be on simmer,

sucked into what the rest obey,

clawed and handled by the sun-struck parchment,

kidded for being on a missing persons flyer,

picked to be among the living jaded,

shrunken by the notion that there is a god,

closed-in by the choice,

picked apart like a prize-fighter,

tracked by birds,

torn apart by a crinkly dress,

delivered with sunspots,

reminded of negation by despair,

mustard on my t-shirt,

I look up.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

acadqme cne

Do what you can when it's not quite win-win

and it's not quite hot-hot.

When it's jasper root pox zoink

my lava vamp adheres

here right up until tomorrow.

I'm not due pronto but I also did not bring diapers.


Have cane will freebase.

Just like my Uncle Wesley's yarn

ball which, as any kickboxer who boxes

will tell you, xenophobia slats suck.

Bring slaw verts instead and

don't get lost amid the interior zits.

Zits have boils and

xenophobic zits inflame.

For instructions on how to make roid-rage-panic

quit accessing your collective oscelot link and

click here.

Please dont send any more enter here

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

beatnik lent amanita


No more thanks

Monday, October 20, 2003


The more we string, the more bosoms appear
  At our tide's grassy speeding:
A day in the life of childhood seems a lingering
  Acorn now, like so many passing joys.

The vapid bloom of our disorders,
  Er, passions yet undiscovered,
Steals cave-worn, river-like sticks
  From its rapidly-falling borders.

But as the cave-worn, cheek-growing wannabes
  Always say, "Shafts fly thicker
Than water" and that measure is to man,
  What seamy is to sand.

When watering the stem of love
  At least have the crumbs
To, as we say here at the Fall of Laughter,
  Feel your way around the slower-speeded curves.

It may be gum wrappers, yet who would change
  Time's course to "Hard Tan"
When one can seemingly sweat for hours on end,
  Our bosoms heaving under an artificial sun.

Blue goes swimming on the walls and falls,
  snatching away the scene
Of those yutes where they play it
  safe, indirect and flopping around.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Yeah okay

Microsoft is right to try to make more money

with false pieces of paper that don't mean

anything to most patterns!

But they could at least create something useful

like an intelligence-gathering post

or another security patch.

Because we can put a man on Mars

but we can't quit uploading "I Love You" to fumigates!

I would have less headaches

if technicians and their under-ended

watches of paper would consider that

the future is near! This sounds pleasant

enough because the future doesn't have

to include any person with a conventional education.

If I bust my ass every day I don't want to be

labeled "Joe-Schmo," have my neurons counted

and fired and "Same to you, jackass!"
Dig Us

Dig us in the morning and

Dig us on Christmas eve

Dig us when the sun is crowning in South Dakota

Dig us, point at us, braid our hair

The cold row of blown-out candles on the cake

Tells us something about our selves

Indicating him, indicating we, indicating them

You indicates us, and also me

She indicates thoughts and

Kneeling indicates steps and steeples

On the roofs, freely-indicating fire extinguishers

Indicate hollowed-out books

Their pages indicating the wind is pulling

Hard against the storm

Opened like me in a river

Singing "Stand By Your LEGO©"

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

To the factory
  (for Bill Luoma)

To the rubies

to the declaration

to the return to spectacular

to the end.

This is the interruption

this is the vector

another part of

another possible world

where the ends of the circuits are eating

out of the necessity to be the one conserved.

The lock of no return cannot give return

cannot give a voice to your plan

to invert and illustrate the concept of silence.

Silence is a khaki-colored collection of points

where the helmet can suspend

or create

or ask for.

Monday, October 13, 2003

Takeshi Kitano Rules!

If someone asked me to retain only one

plan of the last fifteen I've come up with

I'd choose the Takeshi Kitano Plan.

The one where I dress-up in a black

ball-bearing costume and sunglasses

and stand motionless in an airport.

This plan it seems to me is perfectly

drawn up and realized.

This poem however does not

seem perfectly drawn up and realized.

I realize this and say what

Takeshi Kitano would say. He'd say

"I unload on the United States!"

The main difference between

Western art and Japanese art

is that I run around on the wheels of my car

and the Japanese run around on the wheels of my car.

Friday, October 10, 2003

Of all possible jobs

I have to be a back-up

cashier in a Strip Restaurant.

My up-and-coming comedy career

is subject to a scientific study at the University

of Get Off My Cloud where Professor Jagger and

the memory of my late father fuse to form a cabaret

where I actually lie about every experience I've never had.
warning: This man is wild

What does it mean to be versed in quilting dance and body language?

Occasionally only the grotesque is amusing

but in the long run a tragic main figure resting on itself

in its own absurdity and despair can catapult

these root experiences and a soul calmly planned

into a world of extreme internal cold weather.

result: Gangster romance with surreal impact
"Culture Fight" with Takeshi Kitano

Murder over murder

impressive pictures describe

sometimes so brutally

that watching hurts.

But at least by film corpse No. 30

one can hear the fingers they're counting on.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

siege birds

bang the mat

No one says "my" quite like "my" woman

not even "me" but if "I" say so "my" self "I'd" back-pedal

and say "my" love doesn't talk about love tangled

in vines or in rapidly-written, watery octets.
If you think you're a mattress

think again sour-puss.

You're just a mess of promises

and faint caresses.

Your voice is a mess and your promises...

Oh yeah, I already said that.
When ladders are illegal

only outlaws will have ladders.

That has been my experience, but

it's a kind of chauvinist- based experience

that's battened down the hatches and made me more timid

than after downing 3 cognacs with the Ponds Cold Cream heiress.
About A Boy

Allen Ginsberg's FBI file could be the greatest pop-punk single of all time,

according to Senate Majority leader John Yau.

This is abstract techno,

stuttered and scraped through a ravenous bird

and the flesh of decomposing humans.

Charles Bernstein writes this kind of thing all the time

and it rarely applies like it does now,

a literary thriller that sold 28 million copies to junkies alone

for a dollar two ninety eight --

less ten.

It obviously didn't win awards for being subtle

and all my energy and talk about poor children,

wagging fingers and William Carlos Williams

bring lofty expectations that inevitably are

talked about from here to O. Henry,

except in cases when Viktor tells us

something about our selves,

our hobbies and nicknames perhaps.

You gotta ask your selves:

If the brightest minds on our planet could produce

such a terrifying weapon of mass destruction

what do you call it when two or more objects

are seen as a Sergio Leone movie?

That's right, you gots.

It's called THE ENTIRE POEM,

and not just the celebration of drive-by shootings

in my neighborhood because that's an enduring

comedy set against late-period, pop-construct Linda Vista

(in itself as prefabricated as any Britney Spears).

But I'm at the top of the heap with Allen Ginsberg

and our nerves talk about Frosty The Snowman.

Remember Arnold the pig? That's who I wanted to vote for,

but in a complex and not demagogic way.

The apples in the stereo require the uses of the cookies and

the fleshing out of the non-poet audience requires

the hard-boiling of that darling baroque fantasy About A Boy.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Personally, I don't recognize any of this shit

Leo cheer or Leo yell.

Collette march slowly.

Bruce beam me up.

I am hurt.

Evan is only kidding.

Meadowlark is blue.

Baretta is barred from giving flowers to the manifold.

Leave them alone.

The beautiful model has no hospital bed.

Just checking with bat-eating man-in-the-street.

This vector or that vector.

Each speaks for peace but death goes on anyway.

Whose bright idea was this?

This gassing or questioning of tables.

This grief that you give me when you pull me by the hair,

the hushedness accelerating with each new tear

or tear.

These flowers may know they're heading nowhere.

These whitened teeth may have their careless stones.

But I don't have the desire

to explain any of this shit in terms that

your number-crunched disdain wouldn't disdain.

And do not call me,

I may be on hold.

And do not look down on me,

I've grown taller from grasping at the weeds

or weeds.

Friday, October 03, 2003

all day email and cantaloupe tomatoes

Yell produces white food. Hands

win fears detail from court.

Finding natural a lot better

than directly biting dogs from the

center of the seam down to the Petri

Cherney. The contents held under

the demon summer language are

only tired of his fat ass

and his fat formulas

for these would be

cliches in anyone else's fat hands

(take a photo).

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Our minds are more than the retarded argument of delay

We are never selfish,

though I admit that I have learned much in your life

while their bones have not.

Many detergents aspire to lily-of-the-valley mortality.

This time I do not.

Not now. Not since.

Because my child’s holy smile turns out to have been the flu,

not the Throne of Thor.

You're hating me now, I canned laughter it.

But poetry stands in opposition to hate.

Pick a poem, any poem, and find me the hate.

It's not there.

Now love, love is something else.

Outside, across the blue-eyed elastic towns, comes this question:

Still, I must say this to you:

Odor has left its memory.

And hunger allows no shopping.

Use your rebate to help!

Is that a question?

Speak so we owe peaks.

We have a country made of words

bleached against another sky

beaming down almost unimaginable talons.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Men learn more from fools than women

I'm working on a “logical” medium for the creative cleaning of drains.
I'm working on a theoretical concept that rescues wing borba from tank bolts.

I'm working on mea culpa.
I'm working on all these animal songs.

I'm working on propellers for poems.
I'm working on Moby's blog Monkey Now.

I'm working on doing this sort of a thing well.
I'm working on a sternum beginning to strain its exaggerated style.

I'm working on a point of view.
I'm working on a perfect game.

I'm working on a persona.
I'm working on a well-chosen phrase.

I'm working on a turkey like a towel.
I'm working on the final couplet of this opening section.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Imagine you're falling from the sky

You open your eyes and that space between your flippers

Not there


turns off the router and listens to the me

welling up within my mice.

I was shaped in no clear virvidividual shape

I was manipulated by widgets

Spoken to with tongs.

And after all of that negation and despair

and repeating the word "drown" into the stream

where thousands and thousands of hospital beds

like so many Cheese Whizzes

cry "defile is me"

a low dishonest, exalted life

that longs to see the waters filling with fire

The small of my back

backs up into the there's nothing else to do.

The first poet probably spoke to invisible specks

as if they were germ tips

geometric nines that act as they linger in our eyes

but act only as emblematic animals.
That Poem I Wrote The Other Night

to let go

means I haven't let gone

except now the bees build in crevices

where the children play, it's an empty house

no matter how many times you scrub and stare at it.

The police should've been called and the international language

not truncated. You have to fight because when you cover your self

in boards and rocks and scrub the emblem on your club house you're

trapped. You haven't let gone you've let a mux of inverse odor out into the world.
The Dead Add Another Voice of Reason

Blouse are the ones I want to protect.

And my cat of twenty three lives collec-

tion. Please enjoy the moment, dress her up like

an assembly line. Sleeping on a public bench is fine,

but come in out of the water.

You've heard the unspoken farewells, or you oughta

've, in three languages: Mean, Coarse and Unanswered.

How can I protect my blouse against blizzard?

Is there any hope that a goddamn garden

can stand the complex chaos of one more generation of garden

ers? Are the dead giving me uncontrollable hives

or a pistol-whipping piety broken before it arrives?

Tuesday, September 23, 2003



when the

sun strikes it

and the stayed with

her alone plucks grubs and

compulsories from your head think of

the mother birds of the world, the

transition alone is apathetic to anything except that

what effects them and their mud hut hurricane personally.


I was

born out of

love so that I

might not feel comfortable bringing

grubs and flies to the top

of the tributary, barricaded as it is

with wood and moss and plums that are

red instead of plum, compulsory instead of couched in

Monday, September 15, 2003

They Too Are Starfish

You are punching the lights out of tiny skulls

and replacing them with amusement as to

why we read. Piece the toaster back together,

I respond to sound. Again, you are punching

what is "well" and piecing it back together

as "the best I can do." But "the best you can do"

is, "well," a lot of it is crap. I know there are

better words, like "prophet" and "pike" and

"kick-ass" but, to be honest, the Dalai Lama is

visiting and I don't have the floor, prick or

gumption to tell him that this page is far

too uncomfortable or that the hole in your

chest is too far gone. I made this up at the

Algonquin Hotel for the Badly Shot Up,

the proceeds will go to new ideas and to

the house band. Remember that just past the

guilt-edged matrix of seeing is a vast cast-

off god, taller and more genuine than any

yeast yearning to see the association of

childhood sexual abuse and the wings I've

sprouted into my belly like a cork or a

language poem. Washington ties its self

to one gate and Natalie Merchant to another.

This is automatically seen as the denaturing

of nature, as if Dallas and Chris Tyndall both

spoke so slowly that you could be in the

countrified air of Austin or in a fortified bunker

2,000 miles below the earth's surface in

Saskatchewan perfectly tricking the equation

into thinking that it solved the problem and

that the toaster is actually a flower that can

say something meaningful. Perhaps it's just

the choir preaching to the choir boy, but it

pisses me off! Because when I get up in the

"morning" it's not really a strange, fluttering

machine shop complicated by the dense

and meaningless cries of the wreckage. No.

Coherence needs a human element. Your

eyes are wide open your mouth and you

laugh "This virus is MINE!" and this snow-

cricket and this coaxial wire and this hope

that the screws in your thumb are not the

rule but the hummingbird for articulating

what many of us think. What we think is

that the brain is as dangerous and irresistible

as the briar patch and that at the center of that

patch is the fear of death. The hinge is the

line break, patches overlapping their attempt

to make us "see" the ghost instead of the

furniture inexplicably moving.

Friday, September 12, 2003

gender & war (& Arafat)

America Goes to War New fashion of this Spring

As Bart Simpson would say: hell; hell; hell; hell; endless wealth.

I had a cat of twenty lives. Says them.

Korea and another jackass country.

They're so smug that my sublet and my hat is off limits to them.

Let's face within it, we all share the same sins,

mine just have me grasping at sponge members.

Sponge members, earthquakes and some lava.

Lava that is deep and glad and does not stick to their enemies.

Their enemies have delivered themselves to a new pub in China.

I deliver my self to some router farm outside Cork.

The present bulletin is this:

bored people take everything from the value of freedom.

They take it and screw your nose into it.

I've never done that but I'm just a flash away...

and my last name in Spanish means: this thing in my belly is building a house.

What bird said that?

At 17 I sat at a table with tears so old the world seemed young.

So young that perhaps we too will be given an everlasting burning stick of incense,

but because I bought the Gentleman's Package

I'll have to mail my soul to where the building fell down.

The building fell down and all of the lamps went out.

I could see the pain and the loss and walked among some of the dead,

sharp shooting cads and quiet birds circled overhead.

I had the idea of coming and my eyelids went out like lamps,

I fell onto a vacuum cleaner and started dancing, my heart on fantasies

because rodents by nature move inward, not outward.

Your cat may miss you but it's lower moral code, like burning tongs,

will sing to you the law of new nutshells only interrupted by attempts to sell products.

Products that bring grubs and flies to the terror in the world.

The terror in the world is not beyond belief.

We stick together and show an affirming flame.

We were placed on this earth at the forge and

as soon as I stop clawing and clobbering and choking and pulverizing

I will skip stones across the dagger of the wind.

Wait, that was mostly childish, reflecting and bouncing out the door

like when you lift your arms to the great oleander in the sky,

the sky diverging so slowly that they think we are looking back at them

with the swimming movements of the dead fronting

for my compassion and kindness

which are out grazing in a haunted wood or lost in the dew.

The Palm Beach County cops will crack down on this type of movement,

slowly shrinking the name as attached to the picture.

But somehow the head remains. Oh well, while I drink on a public bench

my name is not attached to the picture. The sea is deep and glad to see you.

A life like this is crinkly, a life like yours is fraught with troubled rage,

with a thousand winds that blow the zeta strip in the courts of misinformation.

Its message is a big, round, childish hand

wakened to the zilog of the elliptical our bodies encompass.

It's a phantom Russia, a Russia that finds its continuing self on the crimson sofa.

It uses its mouth like your tongue uses its teeth. A voice like thunder

thunders through the repetition of pronouncement.

I've watched this pronouncement corrupting history and hampering the cravings

but we remain blinking apertures of a dishonest decade.


The face within it is born by the bird they were (POW! apart!).

I was asked to write a poem that would RUN,

and I composed like them, straight into an apothecaric grave.

Give me the hippy lettuce or give me death!

The window's over there.

Would you call my friends other devices?

No, I would call my friends the mantle of ruin

or any number of aphrodisiacs,

thank you very much Mr. Samuel Johnson.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Life of the dead

I am not there.
I do not sleep.
All I do is trademarks and logos
and -- no pun intended --
I hurt them early -- around May 25 --
often -- some days I only watch one channel --
and I don't get dressed every day --
only for watching movies.

Imagine that the beach is one woman's square sheets
and another's infinite absurdity.
Gradually, what I had to do --
I'm wearing the kahukus of Sun Ra --
well, I don’t know that I HAD to, but
I did and I'm proud -- I'd
call my friends on a device
other than my own pocket.

In this way they bore it long --
they bore it like these words bore a hole
in a dead man's eyebrows,
like the random walk that one takes
with narrow, probing eyes.
Imperialism's face, anal administrators --
Don't degrade yourself with empty hopes like these.
The buzzing of a bee outside this paragraph.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

I'm Proud To Be An American

Where at least I know that the

the language that capitalist interests and

the government bombard us with

is 100% Genu-Wine Frontier Gibberish!

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Are You A Psycho?

1. You are on the way to obtain a professional opportunity.
But you are in competition with a colleague who obstructs
you and who it will be necessary for you to eliminate.
You say to your various selves:

a) Not the problem. In any case, why should any of us be concerned with him?
b) No sorrow, I have already all that I can wish for in this life, one more dead body won't matter.
c) We have ambitions, but not professional ambitions, just the ambitions to not be obstructed.

2. You are in the car on the motorway, when a serious accident occurs suddenly and in front of you.
When you arrive at the scene you:

a) exceed the speed limit, the accident, and your own self without paying attention to it
b) stop and you worry about the head of one of the victims
c) slow down by delicately pushing on the brakes with the idea that you might see something

3. Your vision of the future, it would rather be:

a) No future
b) Further, higher, more extremely future
c) Wisdom, love, happiness, puppies

4. Which historical character smells nearest like your selves:

a) Napoleon
b) Joan of Arc
c) Charlize Theron

5. As a Professional Trader, you ensure the management of a significant stock exchange wallet, but insistent rumors of a crash seem to specify you and itself in Wall Street:

a) You scan quotations, using anxiety to direct your decisions
b) You definitely keep the wallet as money really never belongs to anyone
c) You remain impenetrable and do what Charlize Theron would do

6: Which type of emotion usually takes the most evil for you to control?

a) The anger
b) The remorse
c) The scaling of cliffs

7. You're a Professional Killer and you must carry out a contract in a public place. At the time to shoot, you realize that your "target" is surrounded by many other "targets". What do you do?

a) Too much risky, you decide to give an execution later
b) You shoot in the confidence that your target will surely be in the heap
c) You hate the weapon you're using

8. As regards how you look in a vest, you think that you are:

a) always divided into sheets like magazines with suicidal tendencies
b) carrying it well and it reassures you that you would attract the sympathy of any entourage
c) the one who anticipates and brings the noise

9. Your ideal gift, it would be:

a) A room with mirrors, ceiling and a TV
b) A jet deprived for all of your displacements
c) Love

10. And for you, as regards sexuality, it would be rather:

a) just for your self for the rest of your life
b) whenever someone takes you
c) all solutions are possible

Monday, July 21, 2003

Large french fry sells for $202 on eBay

A reputation for quality, for flesh-curdling. As if I repeat my self.

A surf, a unyielding surf, the joys of repression. As if I repeat my self.

A look at some current and new, deeply skewed, makeshift scenarios.

As if in repeating my self I can afford to die in Tokyo.

I don't remember.

But even the most uneven teen movie expresses the lowest level of ceremony.

Ask any heavily sedated opportunist.

I'm not depressed I'm just fucking angry,

a new breed of mutt.

Shoot the skeet, Funky Winkerbean, Millard Fillmore.

There should be a levy on cows when farmers go postal,

and I should've been dead a few days ago but I'M A TEAM PLAYER.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Wholesale murder is a bad thing

but who can speak for the dumb?

We are closed-in,

not sticks of burning incense


I was not through desiring Emily Dickinson.
Politimking Extexsible

The same doey of chuletas that meeps the sponge of menger

here reflects genuine personal experience.

No medicine is for everyone,

except sexually transmitted diseases.

Above all, don't fool yourself, don't say

"Beleaguered by the same XL glipizide

I'm dreaming my way back through life."

Because if you get angina or chest pain (also known as angina)

then flail because that is cobject nonsense,

the kind of nonsense that is really a seahorse.

If in sharp shooting they give data to the polymorphic vacuums,

the unit balls of negative, then I from my sofa

will drown the throat of war in lucid metal sweat,

a faint warm haze forming which makes them lift their oars

and, syllable by syllable, claw and handle

the swimming movements of snow.

Friday, July 11, 2003

The rain falls, drugged by the hum

Insert a uniquely Finnish poem about joyful lovers here.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

See "Being Alive in the Heart of Broken Parts"
  or "The Poet-As-Grief-Counselor Conundrum"

What about the half of the comb of Koch attention?

I want to draw its shape.

The U.S. is a country of words and shattered teeth,

interrupted only by attempts to sell products to the unborn,

as well as any man our Indian heads I win, tails you lose.

Come on! We're feeling fulfilled.

We're feeling so slowly fulfilled,

lest we should see who we are

and how we're about to crash.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Firing Artillery And Yelling At The Tailor

What I should've known

is this:

I should have known what

the color I'm thinking of is

and that it's dangling.

When the sun strikes it strikes you right in the

City of Sheep.

Do not turn away.

Do us a service.

Death--which comes to mind--is but one--and comes but once--

perhaps for the last time--

Take it by the scruff and scrub it to and fro.

You let the terrible stranger in (see "Being Repaired In Rivers 54")

and she gave e to the z on the imaginary rock of the terminal

cancer, quiet birds circling the assembly line.

The quiet birds bring lice and lungworms,

grubs, horn flies and sarcoptic mange mites.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

and all this while I've been shopping

and all this while I've been shopping
and all this while I've been shopping
and all this while I've been shopping
and all this while I've been shopping
and all this while I've been shopping
and all this while I've been shopping
and all this while I've been shopping
and all this while I've been shopping
and all this while I've been shopping
and all this while I've been shopping
and all this while I've been shopping
and all this while I've been shopping
and all this while I've been shopping
and all this while I've been shopping
and all this while I've been shopping
and all this while I've been shopping
and all this while I've been shopping
and all this while I've been shopping
Cement Cloud

You like to enjoy the moment with your family,

Even when they are Velcro'd to and rolling in dead flies.

If there is any hope, staple it to the template of your upper lip.

That will keep the fire approaching.

As I try to think, the pain that I never saw and the love that I never got

swallow up what I should have been.

But this lifting of metal wings -- I mean "hospital beds"

is now all over the ground. It's all over the ground

and one of the bellboys with their careless stories

arrives with their careless newspapers tucked under their careless

router -- some of them smiling.

Love, the second it is erased, is that horrific

yesterday when you celebrated its birth.

And as late as yesterday Nature still exists.

It's unfortunate and complex too.

There is nothing more to say.

The unmentionable odor of death and dead flies

lock-up this neutral air like a slowly-suffocated, stifling wall.

Love is something else:

your magnificent disdain, your trying to read an unreadable message,

your sleeping on a public bench, your air, your absolute sound.

Its wonderful. I mean: It's wonderful. It's the fertilization of your hand

with the sub-human robotic scum.

What is done is shut and still.

What is shrouded is hidden and about to sprout.

The honey-bees, whose barrier you submerge in plantation,

in misfortune even, take solace in this note that someone else is writing.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Free and unable to be

Imagine January and the beach and you have my last name in Spanish

Imagine the congealed fist of the past

Imagine it opened while I was out shopping

Imagine the Memorial day for the war dead

Imagine what is found there or the lack of what is found there

Imagine that civilization itself is doomed to an anarchist theory premised on a subjective 'conscience-ethic'

Imagine me up against meow

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

The Chickening

People dance with their fingers encircling the chicken glaze, clinging to

the edges of their chicken eyes

they speak that way because they're chickens—

it's reassuring to me, the me who gets his feathers ruffled

quite easily, the me who sounds like a comb with crab legs

being plucked by a chicken with a nine-digit zip-code—

Lest we allow ourselves to fall into some kind of thimble lunacy—

the headless chicken's body struggling through the grass but unable to remember why—

and this not knowing is a part of the grace of knowing what must be done,

even the drunkest chicken cannot remember what it was like before

it's head was lopped off like someone's arm

and at this moment, which is unlike any other moment,

your own voice rises up to cluck out its last cluck.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Shaken Not My-Immortal-Soul-Driven-To-Madness

Tap it from the neighbors, vampire tap it.

Birds of the first light, shaken.

I love to love the words in you, 62.

The street with my son this morning, his form straight-up even though he is captive.

The tops of trees perch on a picture frame.

Who created you?!

I feel nothing but envy: a garden that expands!

Fondness unexpressed for your friends from Hell.

The metasurface of meatballs.

What is it like to live in a country so muscular?

White all over the ground, male tortoise adolescence.

One woman's holiness is another woman's distribution of primes.

The streets are cordoned off with apple blossoms.

The dead see scrolls.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Swish Tippet

Syllable by syllable, claw by claw

only the shadows are doomed.

Still, the rain falls

drugged by the hum in an apple blossom.

But who can live for long

while my bones gently weep?

Enough with your joy,

the power of I

handles dialogues and plans as well as its cameras and flings.

Moreover it shows that those who seek to die

inevitably end very badly.


For once, California is not a balanced naynar

the horror of the family espousing into flames.

This very personal work does not belong to any kind.

Monday, June 23, 2003

Sunrise in Different Dimensions

Sun Ra is a series of circumstances -

accidental if we want -

and they concur like evidence

planted with the history to focus

between tradition and the estro-futurist of its own conception.

In the first place the formation

in the second the testimony

curious, linens-up, lacking in the dark

a trombone, therefore a splendid pair,

assholio of the first two

they are distinguished by parts

and taken to the one chosen to avoid.
The last couple of days

They had gardens and they had mornings,

not sticks of burning incense but

stacks of one, both sides of the hat remarkable

enough with the love that

you like to enjoy with your family -- or yell

reflecting and bouncing

off the promiscuous fork as it

finds its tuning as the

derober of the one, of Della

an Easter-size givaba of the gonabye.


We are waves upon waves

that cross the double secret turf

gentleness and goodness going, boing, going, boing

going, boing


Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Moving, raw and violent

Moving, raw and violent --

amusing, unconventional and poetic.

The most personal language is unexpected temporal jolts

of style, some predefined, some placed

with a dazzling coldness but always crashing

against the "forces of the evil", confining

talks to silence and killing to a game of guns

firing the blanks of artifice.


But it is this facility or extreme tension to smile,

where a cake slice, a malnutritioned photographer,

a child with its northern-facing face desperate with joy,

the rin-tin-tinning of a bell at the monastery,

face sinking in the snow as it out-races a rocket into the nocturnal sky,

its personage a prisoner of its own solitude,

piece of real estate in river floats to the sea

while the wheels of its chair begin to sink in the bathed sand.


Solar images of animals from beyond the dead fill up the screen

with joy and lightness in a suicide relegated to the narrow borders of burlap

where the ghosts of the past say to be alive

is also to be stealing the mutilated words of the dead.


I'm just speaking out loud and imagining that you're listening.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

boom manzai

The cocktail tension,

vague in its futile daze,

takes great pains to be dumb.

And as surely as one releases a red cord,

a beautiful face or an average set of bandages,

eternal emotions are expressed by precious wrists

and delicately interrelated bites of sadness.
the interval between stripteases

Towards the snow and then towards the sea, in a travel without return,

it buys a stolen taxi but obtains a clamorous one, like an anchorman,

before landing with the force and the figurative imagination

of the richest apparatus of images you can buy

(bet on the unconscious one).

Running away from the brutality of the great urban centers

is like if I hurl a baseball while holding the tips of a pipe.

Together the untied fogos of artifice are being confused by a truck

and suffer a tumble. This curious fact tries to mount one meaning for its small parts.

The duality is the proper capitalist model, enter necessities and construct obfuscations.

Consume the facts, rescue the heroic form for another one,

Parcel out the pessimism, but of another kind, the spiritual kind,

and you have the limits of this world.

The disenchantment, the resignation, the despair,

the humor on loan from naivete,

the raising the bet to sign at the same time,

the past, taken down a number of prices,

the heroic butchery,

the old reference mark,

the flash back introduction,

the tribulations rather than the morals,

the Japanese culture which one does not touch,

the physical contacts in public,

the relationship developed between moments of trouble and waiting,

the confidence and the self-sacrifice for others,

the art to sail without a transition,

the idea that the individual must end up illusory,

the car-sacrifice to create a future,

The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond,

the old symbolic system that completes the century by committing suicide,

the new one as a generous obstetrician.
Violent Cop

The policeman Azuma (really "Beat" Takeshi, that is T. Kitano)

of the Square Homicides is a hard one:

undisciplined towards the advanced ones,

rude with the recruits who nap without following regulations,

a little raspy in speech.

But when he discovers that his brother's hands

are pasted in drug traffic, he goes outside of his head

and into a police scenario like many others,

except this one does not have all the Variety cakes to define it.

Legacies from a long, red rope.

Two loving young people ramble

in search of that they have tragically lost:

a young disfigured POP star.
Takeshi Kitano

There is a kind of schizophrenia about Kitano.

Or a deep, perpetual misunderstanding.

Some see him as a funambulist, a comic,

an insane fury who cumulates his emissions

by turning on the TV and watching W.C. Fields movies.
Bread ago

Yamamoto is a merciless Yakuza

and proceeds with used hardness against a gang.

All are shot short-hand style,

brutally and calmly at the same time.
Tokyo Eyes

In Tokyo a young man excites large attention because he shoots at humans.

However, he consciously misses the young sister of the determining policeman

and thus an unusual dear history takes its run.

Even the somewhat ironical appearance of Takeshi Kitano

does not make a better film which falls rather into the category of

waste of time or boring and drainpipey.
Kikujiros summer

The small Masao wants to visit its nut/mother

on an adventurous odyssey with many scurried incidents.

Takeshi Kitano tells a calm story between melancholy and omitted amusement.

Funny figures, crude ideas and shimmied pictures provide the best maintenance

that some lengths exhibit only now and then.

Cars can build it,

they can sell their shame-hair into hand-bags,

furnish schlafkabinnen in supermarkets,

which is sometimes somewhat with difficulty understandable

because the concern here is ridiculous prize money,

little aesthetic plays and the none-too-often beer-serious quiz shows.

However, just as level-less as TV gets -- or something like that --

simply look three times at a picture if you want my judgement.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Takeshi lost

The general is overjoyed.

That's wackeren, fella, Takeshi is defeated

but does not wait for promises.

Tomorrow is further than a hundred and one miles away

and steering the moon is over-human and out.
The barbar bars

A goal is to be arrived at completely.

Takeshi's aids shoot their balls at everyone on the wobbly bridge

and dare themselves to elevate the fear in opposite directions.

This goes over as surly over at the flour sump.

But during the transition the direction of the rotation changes

as one who shifts their weight very fast from one side to the other.
The cat balls

Candidates begin at the same time in their shapeless cat balls.

They can hardly agitate themselves in their balls.

On a hill above them the cat-attendant of the prince stalks.

The candidates may move only when the cat-attendant says "spruce chin up"

and then turns to face away.

By the application of polymorpher rhythms and changing intonations,

the cat-master tries to confuse the balls.

Only at the end of a passage are they evacuated in the way

one who separates the hill from the paper clip is evacuated.
That old baseball-fear

The candidates must balance into heavy, shapeless baseball leotards,

hung up like pendulums and poured into a ditch.

First it's relatively easy and small

but third it's a monster with a diameter of 1.40 meters.
The slushy candidate

Michiru Jo shoots a football into air and the candidates must then catch him.

The candidates also must run over whomever is on the football field.

This is taken directly from Takeshi's wisdom number 2:

The only good slushy candidate is a dead slushy candidate.
The game water course

You must drive the standing water down.

At the lower end of the firing travel is the right

and at the higher end of the firing travel is the left.

Somehow they are separated not only by true friendship

but also by a jump that succeeds only when

you drive the standing water down.
The fly mushroom

The candidates must clasp themselves to a rotary fly mushroom

which leads her like an aerial rope-a-dope right across the lagoon.

Only in the water does one notice where one actually isn't.
The rock channel

Many large and small rock balls lie in two launch pads ready

and the defenders hesitate (not them!) to in-add.

Three alternate places provide small solace outside

but one must find punctuality inside

because, from its observation tower, Baby Jo,

the defendant's co-conspirator, has just turned the furnace

full-on charades, like Suge Knight Shaolin therapy.
The gate will be running

One can break through oneself

or however one runs up against it.
The carriage

The candidates must prove now that they can pronounce "Koerperbeherschung".

Who gives too much momentum gets land instead of water.

And who gets too little gas from Mr. Okada

can soil or fetch the facts by reason of the lake,

at least theoretically.
The vulture play

A hare is brought into the vulture refuge.

Who it schaftts is not fogged.

As soon as the vulture rises into the air

it may be fired at by the defenders with balls.

The helmet comes with a gift of Pop & Corn.
The Bowlingspiel

With this play the candidates have bad maps

and also the still to pill.

The hobby sportsmen are put into oversize cones

and set up on a large Bowling-bahn. There's a drawing and

whoever draws the ASS stands completely in front.
The labyrinth

One of the golden rules in the labyrinth is do not only run in disorder.
The Tarzanspiel

Those who provoke must rock at a rope on an old trunk swing.

Who lands in the water, separates.

Whoever crashes the landing has on the feet to remain heavy.

Ishikura's soap pot provided for it.

It was once a vole and lived for thousands of years

in the cool north German lowlands's.

And if there is a region the not-straight can sun-delicate

it's this one! Had people picked apart their strange-seeming customs

like "fischkopp" - one may call it fish-cut back ate day -

they would only have potatoes reversing perestaltik until daylight came.
The border barrier

The first obstacle the challengers are set against

is four meters high and in-soaped by Ishikura.

The border barrier seems like a steep, slippery bevel

before we all get wet in the second stage.

Above all else a barrier is different than a long time rope

which is fastened to whoever creates it.

And whoever creates it won't be able to reach it

and they've already half won.

They're the back masters,

a bit that approaches the baking freshness of lowland rolls.
The Schlammenlock

The candidates must buy a Reese's Pieces

and schlammenlock it. Thus the prince saves the cost of maintenance

and of servicing the border barrier.

All around the candidates from top to bottom, correctly to incorrectly,

the schlammenlock is always enough.

Important is to become one with the time limit.

Who did not create it owns it up to the abpfiff, so says all of us.
The grenzmauer

Two and a half meters high, sanskrit wall.

Loosen your ticket as if it were here.

Travel the steep rock slope back.

Materials and sportsmen are equally demanded.

Today it will have themselves to withstand the penetration LINE,

as it tries its castle to storm. Its opponent is a general

who finds daily life full of free willy

and who want to conquer the castle with it.

Their largest fun is it to make the general's life difficult.
Tani's Team

The general, a popular speaker and beautiful spirit

brings the hobby of sportsman with probably set-words

into the correct tendency and order.

Today there are again over 100 courageous sportsmen

and they want to conquer Takeshi's castle.

But much more than one handful will not get the prince to face.