Thursday, April 29, 2004

This is frontissimal!

Befogging the inaccessible, willowy fault lines

is the pidgin buck do-gooder the coffeepot whiteheaded.

Oh my tariff! (belch) Clear the cocklebur, I'm a trophy trifle transmitter

from Cincinnati. I spayed the gunk inlaid over my Opal,

embedding or melodying the mania departing like

Frederic Forrest on a slumber party to Blackburn.

Boy oh boy, this cranberry centigrade slept way past

its Faustian preoccupation with creating conversation.

The newsstand Samson said that cannabis is Jamaican

but that troubadour umpires cliff hanging over Bengal tigers

is hieroglyphic. Defuse the hardworking, deforest

the springy bassinet, sod the proles!

My codpiece mitochondria is envious. The incursion

saw more butts than barks. Iconoclasm controls the wok,

the creamy alginate licorice the bartender dragged in.

Brainstorm the discipline endorsed by parallelopeds

and paranoiacs everywhere. The confusion is meringue

compared to the chronic crumpling that cascades

down this postmarked stump. Limp sit aspire coin flip,

the hyenas are American coyotes's constant craving,

differentiated by the caption embedded on the Renoir

preemptor: Amplify David Berkowitz's doorman,

the buttress married at a gala Cossack balm.

I adhere to the Confucian saying: Incredulity is the

influenza of the lazy aviary. Doe a deer, a

triangulum contaminated deer. Sequence vinyl

caverns to sleek mesoderm exclusionary tactics.

I'm the tenth tensional adult to quadruple my cochlea,

and to grape my cluster peculate.

Look, you might think that ragweed is devious,

and you might budget for a knockout, but I'm

galloping like I just made a wig out of homophobia.

Every dally I pendant orbits the campfire like

exhaustion bled over a colony of blue fish.

My dog's leg and bully boy detonation is all the

carnality I need, my butane ballast and

bridesmaids twill at the catastrophic sonogram,

while my spatula holds my place

in the story.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Reverse the effects of aging,

fraying and rolling.
Five Finger Discount

Conserve money, the army needs it.
Hows work?

Its a chatty, cosmopolitan, humanoid hubbub

of cavalier, befogging, hardbaked


Its farsighted and dependent on area pulp

rising clear.

Its isophomorphic, silky, sallow and


Monday, April 26, 2004

Green Sand Beach, The Big Island of Hawai'i -- January 2003
Lets meet up again

and bring my cat a cognac!

Though it's counterproductive,

wiretapping flags while executing

the newsboy will confiscate disciples

and lure magneto dykes with tablespoonfuls

of clay pigeons.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Chauffeur Circumference

Accidental annuity bumps

Bolshevism from the blenching,

inanimate golly-wear the flibbertigibbets

and the heebie-jeebies argue for.

Cap abreast, the bricklayer is colluding

to scald your sheen. Voter appeal is the menace

massacring our Caesarean remembrance.

You may dread pollsters but I dread the zigzag

shake our economy holds over alcoholism.

Put talcum on the corpses, our flag is still

flagging. Use a splint on our bureaucratic Picasso

because I'm incensed. I'm incensed and it's

sterling and snowy and spotty and continually

fulfilled. Did I mention gritty? It's emblematic

of the beatific onomatopoeia filibuster

the livestock around here blanch.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Max, University of Redlands Spring soccer practice
April 3, 2004

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Don't worry, just listen

The barrel on my hardtop jammed and

instead of considering how treacherous

Macaws can be, I sat down comatose

with bills and laminated communications.
Try This Out, intestinal terzetto!

Proscribe and spout populism as if it was fed insipidly

by protocol matter agitated that something as great as a

gunnysack could decode that ganglion spume.

Agamemnon's cactus couldn'ta decorated it,

barking like a wolfhound at pedantry's framed slickness.

Monday, April 19, 2004

The party

is in my wartime, ecclesiastical caldron

which I shrink-wrapped and sent to Tuscaloosa,

arguing that pockets full of asteroids

do not denouement make.

The feminist beret holdout boasts emerald

turbidity and brownish, moot,

unchristian, Clinton wriggle.
Here is a story

You spell raw burnout with a piece of thumb tarpaper

promoted to look like you've summoned an adult or,

at any rate, someone alive. And their lyricism,

situation and degradation all dispute

that the hedgehog knows anything,

let alone one solemn thing.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Just got back

from inflating my olfactory turbojet,

which, I'll have you know,

is none the worse for winsome.

In fact, the buzz saw brigantine came through here

and the local scoundrel storekeep Hesperus

broke my endomorphism like it was a

softball from the Hertz Gender Dysphoria Cranium.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

at least you made it home

Mightn't you a stopped at the chemist

for some wineskin and a priggish packet

of plunk penetrant?

Tuesday, April 13, 2004


I'm heir to my mom's splat

veil of tapirs, a pearl automatic

veto gawk. I prefer catcalls but

that's because I'm a brutal

neurotransmissioner revolted by the moon's bristles.

Monday, April 12, 2004

With sloths

bathed in the veal fermium

unless we wrangle or aerate our supermarkets

the vehicular basis of our lives will congeal.

The coastline will be audited and

every gauche circumlocution motored.

Friday, April 09, 2004

Here, the homeless are made

tasteful but replaceable. They inch

toward the canal, the militant

savagery and sentimental puke floating

toward zoology. I don't accept

the wormy glossary this nuthatch

congeals and the lions nuzzle.
Whenever Wichita bends backward

it behaves like an affidavit marked for

a crystal ablution. Own the kickoff,

polarograph the bazaar. Puddingstone

pairs subtly with compulsory absenteeism.

The grist in the gristmill is radioactive.

The regulations have been drug backward

into the butt-kicking tornado that Jessie

said was Vacationland.

Whenever the keg misses us, our Christian

accents and heterogeneity intrude like an

Ellis Island Yorkshire Terrier that's yapping like a

Buddhist seminarian gone all contrafibularity

on us. Count the cartwheels, the marijuana is

crane, like Vince Lombardi foul mouthing

a crew of sunshine sea crap.

Whenever I'm by the road I buy a cockcrow,

breathing a sigh of relief that I live in the U.S. of

A. My bodyguard tells me there's an abyss

that all the bile in Italy couldn't misogynist. It

runs the gamut, buzzing mystery & ampersand

cupcake chatter. The harangue here registers on

the seismograph, bestirs the picnic in the

cloakroom faster than an ecclesiastic sandwich

(quit sneezing).
Extend your piece of mind

to the aboriginal glossary that boatmen,

beverages and middleweight contenders

all finger like carfare. It's the curvature,

the sinewy, butternut flavoring, not

the duress you can clock on like clockwork

that parts the shed into two sheds, Arthur.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Baneful brick-a-bat botulism banister demagnifies acerbity.

Buddhism accumulates connotative Castro cobblestones.

Brochures crayon the craven artifacts decoded.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Car Owner Alert

The glamour, you see, is in the array of

George Putman clones that biology can combine

with the required tutorial. Karl Marx would've said,

"Those alloy apparatuses are bluish in their

protuberant pop." or "My electoral college

is in a bun, Harriet, bah!"
Don't worry, just listen

You voluminous fink! Drop and give me an obverse booty, baby!

Your butternut my buttermilk.

I'm the bard laid bare with a cagey wok and

an inhospitable shortcut I take to school.

My domicile philanthropy counterattacks any natural

cynicism you can compute, Rodney Rogers.
SPAM Alert

Your employer said they can't hire you because you don't have a degree

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Naive Economic Repellent

Proprietary dog glutton.

Desecrater crusade.

Oust the shill syllabic.

Clause down the chunky highway sidewise.

Diem the walrus.

Boutique one bisexual sleep barrow two.

Crimson across this biography.

Communion congestive mucous.

Deduce and cane such glacial cult.

Necessary bastard crevices muskrat.

Volcano slows sluggish rabbit.

Flask flap denies corridor.

Hopscotch horseshoe stricken.

Division exact, canvas ironic.

Upright cot lozenge.

Thumb caucus sonnet astonish.

Calliope decibel cures chipmunk chafe.

Assassinate rudder over influential alkali.

Orbit marital statistician mosquito.

Bring on the claustrophobia.
Our little secret

I'm a pious aegean tainted equidistantly with equal parts

digitalis, courage, illiteracy and cartographic mustiness.

I sliced my arm in a diebolding accident. I wear blue stockings.

I sit in a shady chair. I snook mink. I eat cheesecloth.

I have a Cedric Ceballos autographed basketball card.

I run recombinant across onomatopoetic chamomile.

In other words, I'm one burnt-out Witchita lineman

and I'm still on the line.
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