Friday, April 25, 2003

Ron Silliman Bang

But slowing down in places.

I gave them a cut of the dulie.

The greed of pronouncement.

I couldn't look up, so I flexed my vascular bundles and sucked hard on the grim soul-sap.

Society is dying for your greed.

Now watch.

We Swedish sleep hard on inflated valor.

I want your grip to do what I say.

What I say in Pig Latin.

Tinder Lit by sparking flint.

We are torn apart by silver because we are looney.

I am as weak as no man has not been weak before.

Don´t you pray anymore.

Keep me in pleasure and dust off THE FOURTH DEMON.

I'm in bedlams of things and in prisons of things and hell's pretty, all glowing and all.

I may have given out some outright honesty.

I had forgotten or expired or needed something to excite me.

Flamed by the breath of a dragon, dumbly calling out, "Dog by Denise Dietz!"

Lay those words on their drowned eyelids!

My master overcame some petty ruthlessness.

Inner demons! Take me to frown in words, you peddlers of slander!

Inside you I'm not a toy.

Can you do without your sword?

The elderly talk rubbish, they talk Inward Vision, they talk in a form that'll cut off your limbs.

There's just one soul and how Emerson got it, I don't know.

One and one is all there is, no fictional workings that violate life and spread bird flu.

Skies could wash into foliage.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Slush Pie Monster

Hitler fixes the right blocks of the goalie.

Atoms move as slowly as permitted by law.

Great inner turmoil at 6.

Lots of contrast.

Yes, but pink.

No-frills prison.

The womb is the true villain.

You know how to obey.

I speak in figures.

Do you like being killed by friendly fire?

Thursday, April 03, 2003

George Bush's Extraordinary Modern World

Reeks of everything except strength.

The most ironical magnificence of all, it cannot stand itself.

It staggers, It loads white bread, It destroys the evil religious group.

Fear I do not understand, pleasantly enough.

The English-language wall-signs all-say "We've lost all patience and turned on you like one who has lost all patience".

The car staggered to a stop like a file of fat.

The chauffeur had been forced to form an alliance that will be used by God to destroy minibuses.

Group grope!

The shop of dreary indecency.

Write to the point and avoid personal attacks, jackass!

We have quite grave and dignified laws.

Fuck you!

Take my hat and stand on that grave and dignified lawn, we may not want to fight at all.

I do not believe in champagne.

Not teets nor peedle, Caca.

I have the detonational feeling that I'm being viewed as HTML.

My name in shorthand is Brows.

You firmly cross the street to avoid a bum.

But my eager lips open as if to construct peace, to make love, to reconcile a lean red face.

I'll give you a bed: Me.

My orb is caressing some enormous animal.

The first to break open this box and light one of Mr. Bin Laden's farts.

He eyed the wind-swung sword-hilt in sad meditation.

I mean the sword-hilt swung-wind in sad meditation and broke into a contemptuous laugh.

No, into a contemptuous loft.

The supernatural before the natural.

"His window," I answered. "Give me a sword!"

I have the statuesque feeling that I'm a picture hung on a wall.

Put your luggage back into my pocket!

Ball and he repeated. Ball and he repeated. And he repeated. Ball and he repeated.

I don't want to fight at all. Not just now. I want to leap and roil.

Black hedge stands out over brown hedgehog.
White in the air

This term is Banquet term.

This is unreal. I am experiencing the same thing.

I'm having a hard time trying to _______________.

The sea in a chasm and yet I see clearly enough to clap hands with the Queen and other "kids".

And, like the other "kids", the thin atmosphere casts a dark cloud in plaster.

The evil power of IT.

Lucy at the assembly line with diamonds.

I ask you who you are.

There is so much fantasy in the attic that it gives flowers to the manifold.

School awful again today.

Me sugarrocket, you a lil' kid who got pissed because we took so long to get on stage.

This is unreal. I'm experiencing the same thing.